Non-Pro 15” MacBook - Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one wishing there was a non-pro 15” Apple laptop? I really want a 15 inch model of a “MacBook Air” with 2018 specs (pretending Apple actually cared about the Air line and kept it current all these years).

I do “office style” work with very light need of “Pro” work, so there is a very steep price penalty to pay just to get the 15 inch screen. I work mobile a lot, so a laptop is a must. I do a lot of split screen work. My eyes aren’t what they used to be and the 15 inch screen makes a big difference on side by side work when I test it in the Apple Store.

On the Windows side there are tons of 14, 15, and 17 screens, so it seems there is demand, but I hardly hear anyone ask for a 15 non-pro Apple machine.

Really curious if anyone else has the same needs?

I totally understand your wish. I don’t have a clue about processers and graphics cards, but could it be that the Air would not be able to run a 15-inch screen?

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I recall that a number of years ago there were rumors that Apple was working on a 15" MacBook Air to accompany the then-current 11" and 13" models. Ultimately Apple didn’t proceed with the design.

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The current MBA can drive a monitor with 3840x2160, so it`s absolutely not an issue.

Are you comparing with a retina 13" device or the 13" MBA?