NordPass - Yet another Password Manager

Hi guys,
THe usual, I am looking for a new Password Manager having been with BitWarden a while now but there are just a couple of tiny bits that are causing me frustration. I have looked again at 1P and I must say I like it - I like it alot.
Thats when I then found NordPass - is anyone using it?
How far they have come in such a short period of time is amazing. There is just one thing holding me back - am I being too picky?? - having just jumped on the Apple Watch bandwaggon I love the fact you can open 1P with a double click of your watch. NordPass allows this whilst the laptop is open. I mostly use the laptop in clamshell and NordPass takes away the opportunity to open with your fingerprint (as you cannot possibly do it with the lid shut!!) which of course removes the ability to double click on my watch.
ARGH!! Is this a minor frustration? Price wise £20ish for 2 years v £38ish for 1 year…

Have you looked deeply into using Apples Password Manager? I’ve switched over to that with the exception of using Keeper for passwords that I can’t add to Apples option such as combination locks ect… There is a Chrome extension for Apples choice that allows you to use them outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Oh that’s fantastic, I was not aware you could use Safari’s passwords outside of Safari.

Developed by Apple.


I think that is for Windows users.


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I saw in their website that a Family plan exists.
Do you know if it’s possible to share an entire vault with a family member?

I found an article about sharing individual login items, but it’s not clear if a shared vault exists.

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