Not at all impressed with the trade in program

Minor rant, but just so you know, when I bought the new iPhone mini for my wife, I traded in my iPhone 7, which was apparently worth $120CAD. Everything went smooth, sent in the device, and then today I get a notification that the ‘revised trade in refund’ was adjusted from $120 to a big fat zero. The reason given is “System not functioning as expected.”

Well, I really don’t know what the expectation is in this case given they don’t elaborate, but I can tell you I wiped the device before sending it, and the system was perfectly functional as far as I could tell.

Not to mention that the hardware was immaculate–the phone spent all its days in a case, and there was no damage of any sort on it–it looked new. So let’s say that even IF there was something wrong with system, wouldn’t the hardware be worth anything at all?

There’s no way to argue this. There’s exactly two options: Agree to the terms and get nothing, or disagree with the terms and they send the device back, and still get nothing.

I seriously want to know what wasn’t functioning correctly. This thing worked from the day I got it to the day I wiped it and returned it.

Not at all impressed.

Having them return it sounds like the best option.


I agree with @JohnAtl. Ask for the device back. Donate it to a worthy cause. Feeling good about doing a good deed can surmount the nagging feeling that someone, somewhere will soon be paying Apple for what was once yours to be their new refurbished iPhone.



Great idea. Women’s shelters are always looking for phones.

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Never even occurred to me to donate it. That’s a very good idea, and one I’m going to go with for sure. Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe someone can still make use of it.