Not Politics, but Election Day Music

My 2020 Election day playlist. Designed to appeal to everyone no matter who you vote for or what your politcs. I hope at least some of the songs will appeal to you no matter the outcome. :wink:

Not meant to be taken seriously, just having fun with my music.

Sorry, can’t upload a PDF here so it’s on Google Drive

Oogie’s 2020 Election Day Playlist


Please add Everything Sucks by Reel Big Fish.

“This will be the last time you hear me complain” :wink:


never heard of it before, will investigate tomorrow, sounds kike it’s a good candidate for additions.


When I was still living in the Netherlands I was a big fan of the radio program “2 Meter sessies”. Smal studio recordings with mostly up and coming artist and bands. I traveled the world with a couple of the CD’s Jan Douwe Kroeske produced with these recordings.

To my delight they have launched a YouTube channel where they release old and new recordings. This year due to the pandemic the bottom fell out for all live performances. 2 Meter sessions is helping them out by recording many artist and sharing them via YouTube.

Check it out:

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I still live there and miss those sessions…
Those were the days!

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At least they are recording and releasing on YouTube :hugs::+1:

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For those with Apple Music subscriptions:

Two songs not on Apple Music (Is There a Doctor in the House and Robot Chicken (Main Title Theme), plus a few substitutions on some of the classical pieces.


For Doctor in the house it’s here:
Brian Gray Music

Robot Chicken

Just added this Playlist to my Music account. Smashing job, thank you :slight_smile:

Just what I was looking for! Thanks @ChrisUpchurch