(Not so) Patiently Waiting for the Next MacBook Pro

I currently have a Late 2013 MBP, the base i5 with 8GB/256GB. Like most models of that generation, this one was built like a champ and is still running. I had the screen replaced 2 years ago under the delamination extended warranty program. It definitely feels slower now and I am ready to upgrade.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of the 2018 15” models on sale at Best Buy this weekend. They’re one heck of a deal ($2,200 with the student discount) for a 16GB/512GB unit with the upgraded GPU. But that keyboard… I just can’t get past it. I could probably deal with typing on it, but the reliability really has me worried. And while it sounds like they addressed the issues in the 2019 models, it just seems like the butterfly keyboard is a bad idea.

If one of the current 13” MBP models came with a scissors keyboard, I would already own it. Or a 15”. Instead, my 2013 13” still soldiers on.

I have no real reason for starting this thread other than to see if anyone else is similarly waiting for one of the rumored scissor keyboard models.I have to think there are a fair number of us!


I was waiting for the new rumored 16” MBP. However, then the rumored 2020 cellular equipped MBP rumor hit, so now I am waiting for the 16” MPB cellular MBP next year. I have the luxury because I bought one of the ill-fated 2018 MBPs which have the slightly updated troublesome keyboard and are relatively slow (already) to the 2019 models, but should carry me through to 2020 swimmingly. Plus, I’d prefer to get the 2G version of a new MBP (e.g., the newfangled 16” model) so… fewer issues.

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My 2015 rMBP is serving me well, though it seems a little slow when I’ve been using my iMac Pro a lot. I can’t see dropping $3k this year. A 16” thin bezel screen would be nice, but then again, I like my MBP’s keyboard.
My probability of upgrading is about 10% :slightly_smiling_face:

My next mac will be an iMac. I don’t really use my macbook pro as a laptop anymore the ipad pro is just to good as a laptop replacement especially with ios 13 beta.


That’s how I roll now, too. iPad has turned into my portable machine while my iMac is always ready for what I need to throw at it.


Depending on multiple window support in iOS, I think my next mac will also be an iMac, or if I still need a macbook it would be the air. I can do almost everything I need to do for work on my iPad, and that’s the form factor and battery life I prefer.

Good points on the iMac. I have an iPad Pro 11 that I use for many out and about things, but I still need a laptop. But from a value standpoint, you get a lot more in an iMac than a laptop.

Just upgraded from a 2010 MacBook to a 2019 MacBook Pro 512gb 8gb ram. I love it so far and the keyboard is making me not bang on the keys as I did with my previous computer.

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This could well have been me writing this post - this is exactly the same machine I am still running. I haven’t upgraded for the same reasons.

I have been eyeing off upgrading into an iMac 27", but that too has the problem of being the last of a generation, missing the T2 chip, and generally feeling like I’d be buying into old tech and would regret it next year.

Fortunately, this MacBook was well-made. Apart from a slightly worn-out arrow key, it’s still working, although feeling slow.

I just got a 2019 MacBook Pro. As I don’t really use a desktop machine, the '19’s ability to have 32GB RAM was an important factor in upgrading, and I actually am enjoying much less paging to disk.

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My daily machine is still a 2012 non-retina MBP, upgraded with a second internal HDD (SSD of course). It is just about ok for me at the moment, and without the Touch Bar and keyboard I would have upgraded three years ago. I don’t hold out any hope for the new MBP having no touch bar, but hopefully the keyboard will be better. And I have to upgrade eventually!

I’m also still using the mid-2012 hi-res antiglare MBP and having mild anxiety over upgrading. I know we won’t be supported on the OS that’ll be released in 2020. I’m hoping the keyboard thing is sorted out soon. But the prices…even for refurbs, the prices are pretty daunting.

I happened to be passing our local Apple re-seller this weekend and nipped in for a quick look round, they had some 2018 or 2019 MBP’s out so I had a little go on the keyboard. I was very impressed, it actually felt really nice.

I currently have a 2107 MBP, hopefully that’ll last me for many years to come however, if for some reason I had to replace it I’d have no hesitation in getting the 2019 model.

Are keyboard issues still persistent today / with the later models or is it just the early failures that have now tarnished the reputation and casting a shadow where there’s no longer an issue?

@stu_w I think it’s a mishmash of issues. Apple stonewalled the keyboard issue for a longtime, so that left a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Then they ‘fixed’ it with a rubber dam which, while it may radically improve the keyboards, does not ‘cure’ the design from dust et al…

And since Apple customers are used to and proud of bombproof designs, the prospect of a new keyboard design leaves us hungry for a ‘cure’ for this keyboard. Perhaps more out of sight, out of mind to put these Apple keyboard issues behind, but nonetheless… a bombproof keyboard would be a good thing.

Fingers crossed for the rumors and new keyboard design.

As much as I like Apple gear I don’t have a problem with people calling them out when they’ve stuffed something up. Applying that pressure makes sure they stay on top of their game and we get better products as a result. (We all win, Hurrah!)

Listening to all the complaints though, it’s easy to imagine that this keyboard issue has effected absolutely everyone. I know that this doesn’t affect everyone though as I’ve got a 2017MBP which I use a for few hours everyday and the keyboard is fine (in fact it’s quite nice). It’s managed to carry on working despite being constantly bombarded with cat fur. I doubt I’m the only 2017MBP owner with a fully functional keyboard, so if the 2018 version is better than that, and the 2019 even better than the 2018, is there even a problem anymore? Those who’ve had a problem are always going to be more vocal than those who don’t have a problem.

I worry that if (potentially) they’ve now resolved the problems but still end up having to bin the whole thing just to manage customer perception then that could have a negative impact on future innovation and we all end up losing out. It’s starting to feel like they have no option but to bin the whole thing and go with a new design as the “baying mob” won’t be satisfied with a working 2019 keyboard, they must have a new design whether it’s any more reliable or not.

Might be more of a dust problem than one of fur, but I think that reputation/perception are part of the problem.

I don’t think the keyboard issues will discourage Apple from innovating. A quick look at their history shows Apple has had more than its share of flubs over the years. They will work through this one.

I do agree that many people like the butterfly keyboard, and have not had trouble with it. But when a major national newspaper runs a big story about the problems with your design 3 years after it was first released, you’ve lost the battle.

I think the thing to remember too is that the butterfly keyboard not only has a reliability issue, but many people object to the lack of key travel. Keyboards are a very personal thing, but there is a large group of people that prefer keys with more travel.