Not sure I like dark mode; am I weird? Be nice! :-)

I installed Mojave as soon as it was available. I was particularly excited to try dark mode. Obviously it has been only a few hours so I’ll need to give it much more time but I’m not sure I like it. I’m a bit surprised since so many expressed a great desire to use dark mode. Am I the only one who is not quite sure? Or, is dark mode better at night than in the daytime? Am I weird? :thinking:

@Bmosbacker, like you was really excited about dark mode, but not sure at all after seeing it in “real life”. It’s just too dark, EVERYTHING is dark, not only the interface, but the documents, the notes, the email. Anyway, back to the regular look.

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I think it got better as the betas progressed, but I do think it’s an acquired taste. Even if I don’t use it, I like the option of having a dark mode. I wouldn’t mind seeing the ability to theme Mac OS, similar to what can be done on Linux.


I tried it out too but reverted after about 1/2hr. I will give it a go, but I find the light interface to be more pleasant (of course, it could be that it is different and I need to immerse myself to really decide)

Definitely a matter of personal taste, and completely anecdotally I find it appeals to a younger user in general. I’ve tried it out in apps, on the iPhone and on the Mac, and I have no use for it. It makes reading more difficult in any case. But even in apps that don’t require “reading” per se, I don’t prefer the look of it. I’ll try it once I’ve upgraded to Mojave, because I don’t like to rule anything out until I’ve at least tried it. But if you’re weird, I’m guessing I’m weird too.

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I remembered the days when I used an Apple //e and it was monochrome green text on a black background. That was dark mode back then.

When the Mac first came out, it looked like “paper” with its bright white documents.

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Black and Amber screens or Black and Green were de rigueur years ago…

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I love dark mode! It’s the main reason I got on the Mojave beta program.
My eyes seem to be sensitive to light, and this is known to depend on eye color, mine are blue. It’s also not a young-person’s whimsy, as I am not young to as many people as I used to be.

Wow…I find the dark mode to be a bit overwhelming. Time will tell if I stick with it!

Not all of us can be “hip”. Just kidding. Also, did I just give away my age?

I am +/- on dark mode. I kind of like the darker menubar, sidebars, toolbars, etc. I think it’s fine in Mail and Safari. They tend to have larger lighter colored areas (Mail - the email itself; Safari - the webpage). Same for iWork apps. I don’t like the dark background in Messages, Calendar (terrible), Notes, and Reminders. We should be able to make these areas lighter. I agree with @wweber, I would like the ability to theme MacOS.

On my Macbook Pro (13 inch) I have dark mode enabled. There, I like it a lot. What I noticed is that I really only do like dark mode, if I use a “dark” desktop wallpaper. And I am not always in the mood for a dark desktop.

On my iMac 27 inch, I am not fine with dark mode. I do not know why exactly. For me, the big screen with a big nice desktop wallpaper full of life and of colour demands the light mode setting. I can live with dark mode on the iMac. But I definitely prefer light mode on my iMac.

It will be interesting to see how the dark setting will work out in the future.

I’m of the same thinking, I don’t like it at all. Especially in mail, where signatures look terrible, and in Safari.

When I heard about dark mode I was like MEH. But now I love it. Granted I just started really using it today so we will see if it sticks. I just like how it’s easy on the eyes.

Is it still possible to only have a dark menu bar? Or is it all or nothing?

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I’ve never liked a dark mode/background ever since the old days of green and orange text on black. It’s a lot harder to focus on words that way. Light background with black text is much more readable for me.

I like dark mode in Photos because I’ve always wanted it there. It would be nice if there was a Keyboard Maestro macro or Siri command that could toggle it on and off.

You can install a command using HomeBrew.

All-Dark-Mode-All-The-Time is a little too gamer-dude for me but I do like it for individual apps; I like the updated Dark Mode in Ulysses (they apparently pulled out their customized dark mode code and leveraged Mojave’s framework).

Only one day later I have disabled dark mode on both of my Macs.

For coding, the dark mode is not bad. And I like a more subtle and not so bright environment. But I cannot stand reading emails in white letters on a black background. And I really have problems with legibility of small white letters on a black background. It does not work for me.

I tried dark mode from it came out until today. The only good thing about dark mode is that I appreciate light mode much more now :grinning: