NotaBene: Great way to note to myself

Just encountered this new iOS app: NotaBene neatly covers a frequent need: Sending a link or message to myself (especially when I encounter something I really want to follow up on when I am at the Mac.) Nothing you can’t do by copy-paste-email, but in just a tap or two.

There are some slick features, all nicely engineered to never interfere with the simple one-touch operation, like adding an audio recording (a voice note), an archive of past uses, including link to your location, auto-transcribe. And since there are ways to add to Evernote and Things via email, you can NotaBene to those addresses.

Sweet. And free!!!

P.S. This is a pretty good replacement for Mail to Self (which someone here recommended for me) which let you email from the Share function but which seems to have died and gone to app heaven.

Thanks for the tip. I can see this being very useful!

Interesting. I like to send emails to my organizer app, Droptask, which turns the message into a task. NB wold be good for that. Also work similarly for those who send emails to Things or other task apps that support parsing messages.

(Could probably build something like NB in Workflow, too. Edit: Turns out this is super simple to reproduce in Workflow, and perhaps more functional?)

Similar then to Braintoss, I think.

I used to use Captio to send quick emails to myself. It worked very well for that, but eventually, a Drafts action took over that role. Drafts also makes it easier to quickly and easily get tasks into OmniFocus on iOS, so I don’t email myself as often.

I use pinboard for this, and many other things. It’s like an archive of things I want to read, have read, or just want to store somewhere because I might need it.