Notch issue 14" MB Pro

Got a 14" 10 core/1TB/16gb ram MB Pro today… nice upgrade from M1 Air. Great screen for photography, but heavy general use as well.

I have lots of menubar items, and have been using Bartender as well. All the reviews seem to indicate the notch is not an issue, but I must be missing something! Menubar icons do NOT seem to go to the left side of the notch, so I’m missing “menu bar real estate” of both the notch, and the space to the left… bottom line is I can only see a few menu bar icons, and I use a lot more.

I feel like I must be missing something here… any help most appreciated!

Has Bartender been updated specifically to deal with the notch?

Can’t say I’m surprised. I’d expect a fix from Apple eventually. How soon depends on how much bad PR this gets, really.

Jason Snell not only specifically says otherwise on the latest episode of Upgrade, he provides visual evidence in his review of the 14” MacBook Pro.

If you look carefully, you’ll see BBEdit’s Clippings and Help menus bumping over to the right side of the notch.

Two points:

  1. Yes ai am not surprised the things will go below the notch, because Apple dev team already mentioned that the noise will hover under the notch. So this is an actually hidden part of your desktop.

As for the original questions and post.

Bartender has the feature to display icons in a submenu as far as I remember that appears below the menu bar. That should help till a fix is released.

ok, thanks everyone! Sadly, guess I’m not missing anything… hard to believe this is not getting more press… This is so impactful to my workflow I’m considering returning the Pro and going back to the M1 Air… FYI, I did see in a blog post from the Bartender developer that he just got a MB Pro and is working on it. A beta is available from that post, but I’m not seeing any improvement in the notch issue.

Hi Guys, with Bartender on a MacBook Pro with a notch I would recommend setting menu bar spacing to small, and using the Bartender Bar. This will give you additional space in the menu bar, and allow you to have more menu bar apps than the notch allows.


That’s my plan. I don’t have the 14" yet, but I suspect apps with enough menu items to jump the notch will still wreak havoc on those unhidden items in bartender. Then when connected to an external monitor there will be a wasteland of unused space up there.

That’s how I have it configured on my new 16" MacBook Pro.
Is there any way to make the icons bigger as they are very small on the Bartender Bar.
Seem to be smaller than on my 2018 15" MacBook Pro.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sure there will be a fix soon. Remember, these are top-notch computers.


:sweat_smile: pun intended?

Loving M1 MBA and another reason not to upgrade yet.

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I have fixed this in the latest test builds, you can update to it from Bartender 4 - MacBook Pro Notch Support


Thanks, looking great :slight_smile:

I agree. This is a rookie mistake that should have been tackled by designers and testers.

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It is indeed a workaround, but might be useful to someone, in the meantime :man_shrugging:

I get that this notch behaviour is something odd, but I ask myself what should be the default behaviour, apart form menubar items behaving like menu items…

With the money I spend on Apple hardware (and their margin) I think this shouldn’t be my problem as a customer. I just want it to work on day one.

It’s too complex an environment to work instantly on Day 1 - This sort of issue doesn’t impact the utility of the computer and will no doubt be fixed rapidly by Apple. It’s interesting to discuss but not really a big deal at all.


I agree when it’s a budget device, not when it’s a premium device like the MacBook Pro with a high profit margin.


I don’t think the tweet does a great job of explaining what happens here. It doesn’t look to me like the actual resolution of the screen is changing. I think the OS just draws a black bar where the menu bar usually is, and shifts the menu bar down. The actual width of the screen doesn’t change — technically, the height (in pixels) does not change either.

Part of my job involves graphic design, and I think this is a non-issue.