Note taking and reference apps

I used to use Drafts for taking typed notes and then export them to Evernote for reference if I needed them later.

I fell out with Evernote and even after looking recently, i’m Still not happy with it.

I like a clean note taking app which removes notes when finished, but I can’t settle on where to store them in case I need to recall.

I run primarily on IOS, but access to a service via the web from windows (work) would also be useful as I can’t install apps due to corporate policy

I don’t know if this will help you but having used/tried too many apps., I have settled successfully and happily with Apple Notes (I can type and/or handwrite my notes) and then export them as needed to DevonThink. This works perfectly for me.


Notebooks is cross-platform, Mac, iOS, and Windows.
I use it for research notes, mainly on Mac.
I’m a bit miffed that I bought it in January and would need to pay $36 if I want to upgrade to v2. I’m digging in my heels with 1.x at the moment.

Depending on what is in your notes, if it is only text, you could look at Standard Notes. It’s a secure note platform, meaning everything is encrypted. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and love it, I purchased the 5 year Extended plan, but if you are only using it for plain text, the free version is more than enough.

It is an Electron app, so it’s on all platforms.

I updated the Mac app (there’s no equivalent iOS update yet) but honestly there’s no rush.

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Apple notes is also accessible from the web, so if your employer does not block that you would have a service you already have available for free.


Thank you all for your responses, just to clarify (I edited the original post) I can’t install applications on my work laptop, so anything for windows has to be Web Based. :grin:

Well, this is interesting (he says after too much time spent reading the website).
I don’t see anything about fonts. Do any of the extended editors allow you to choose your own fonts?

Edit: in searching this site, I came across your post from October. It seems you’ve gone back to SN now?

If you’re looking for Mac/iOS/web acess note-taking the choices slim down considerably, but the options still aren’t bad.

Apple Notes
Microsoft OneNote
Dropbox Paper
Zoho Notebook

As @JKoopmans suggested I’d first see if Apple Notes could be sufficient for your needs.

I did end up going back to Standard Notes for secure notes. Mainly for notes that I access on my work computer, that I didn’t want saved to the machine in plain text. Also I’m not sure whether the developer fixed my issues with Electron or if Electron has been steadily improving, but the issues I was having are no longer happening, mainly with copy and paste.

As for the editor, the Plus Editor has a limited font selection:

I only use the Advanced Markdown editor, which doesn’t have fonts, so there might be other editors with fonts as well but I’ve not found them.

Also editors are really just previews of the text, at the base it is still plain text files so if you make changes for rich rext, when you go back to the plain text editor, it will show the HTML plain text markup.

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I would add Dynalist (my favorite, FWIW) and Workflowy to the list.

There are other options in addition.


Okay, thanks for the info.
I should have been more specific and said I was interested in changing the font for the interface. Sounds like probably not though.

Ahh, no you cannot change the UI at all other than themes which change the color scheme.

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