Notenik is a winner for me!

My use case for Notenik so far is to convert my lists of books and videos, which have always seemed somewhat of a mismatch in a Numbers spreadsheet, to a pleasant forms interface in Notenik.

In the past I used Bento until it was discontinued. Apps like Numbers and Tap Forms have been slightly awkward, or overkill for relatively simple lists. I love the simplicity of working with Notenik and the transparency of seeing each record as a plain text file. That, coupled with Notenik’s ease of importing and exporting, gives me a good feeling about the future of my little databases. :slightly_smiling_face:


Notenik is very well documented. It’s worth it for anyone interested to check out this section of the documentation.

I have zero monetary incentive to speak highly of the app in the way that I do so often, but its usefulness to me is an easy segue into other things that I enjoy about software that enables simplicity but also complexity.


I admire the structure and clarity of the developer’s writing. That is just one of several reasons I really like the Notenik app.

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Interesting… this app wins the award for being way more sophisticated and capable than it first appears. I need to take a deeper dive.



it appears that the Notenik site is down at this moment, will check that out later

It is working for me.

interesting, I was using Surfshark VPN on free wifi on shopping mall. It did not work for Notenik, I switched to NordVPN and it worked, not sure why

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I … really, really want to dive in to this. Everything about this app and it’s author makes me want to support it. It’s all just so… odd, in such a pleasing way.

Thanks for sharing.


A facet of Notenik that I like to leverage conceptually and in practice is using it as a “front-end” for plain text documents.

One of the best enhancements in regard to portability between software that Notenik added is recognition of notes with YAML headers. This is helpful for people who may want to use dedicated text editors and still want to use Notenik.

After further exploration, I fear Notenik isn’t for me at this point. I’m going to keep playing around with it but unfortunately, my desire to use it for the Commonplace Book style means the lack of mobile app is a non-starter. I wonder if he’ll make one some day.

I discovered from this forum. After trialling a very brief period, I bought the MAC and the mobile versions. I love it as now using it as my daily driver, writing, filing, etc. There is a bit of learning curve and I am still discovering some tweaks that I may need to make

The reasons I like it

  • cross devices sync
  • let user decides how to sync
  • files / folders are stored locally in standard formats, not in databases
  • support many Text, markdown , LaTeX and other formats
  • can combine notes into PDF or ebook
  • can use as basic task management (has not tried yet)
  • support wikilinks and backlinks

I am now dumping all pdf and markdown files into this app as repository as well. I also started to use this for writing in markdown.

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Downloaded it and loved it, it also converted a Notion database of blog posts we have written for clients well over 1,000 into individual md files in seconds. Something no other app had managed to do (Python) could do it I believe but gave up trying to make it work).

It’s impressive free and just well made. It struck a chord instantly.

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You know best what your needs are, but I just want to point out that everything that you create in Notenik is a collection of text files in a directory on iCloud Drive (by default) and that iOS has some good Markdown editors that would let you get some work done on your phone until you could get back to your Mac. Just sayin … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait a minute, which app are you talking about? This post has mostly been about Notenik but Notebook was also mentioned enthusiastically just before your post. :man_shrugging:

Notenik. apologies for any confusion

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Are you still liking Notebooks? I am trying to find a replacement for Evernote (yes yes, I know). It doesn’t seem like Apple Notes is going to work. #tyia

I am still using Notebooks but IMHO Upnote is more like a replacement of Evernote. I use Upnote for short notes and capturing things like driving license , PDF files, etc. It is very low cost and sync is most amazing to all devices (including Windows and Android).

Notebooks has better integration with Finder. I use it for long articles, etc

However, I am still trying to find which app (may be another app) for sharing folders and notes within the shared folder with my family. Upnote can share via secret link but only at indvidual note, not at the folder level. Wonder Craft or other app can do that

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Hi! I was wondering if I could use this app alongside Obsidian? I think it looks really interesting!

are you referring to notebooks ? I must admit I have not tried but I doubt it would recognize as the Obsidian vault as a Notebook. What is the benefit of using it alongside Obsidian ? If it is just as a markdown editor, there are other better apps for this

Yes, and mainly as a substitute for the Obsidian iOS app. But I think my challenge is that most of the elements are Obsidian specific (related to the plugins I use) so another app may not be able to render them properly.