Notes app for longer writing and book summaries or outlines



You know, I actually own TaskPaper but I forgot about it. I think it may be more useful for outlines!


Oldest blog entry:

And in December 4, 2018 they said that the “official release candidate” would ship within 60 days.


Good catch. Well, that gives them 3 weeks to go!

But they did start their beta program last June, and I know someone who’s been using the beta for several months, says the beta is more stable than his old v.3 version. Apparently the dev plans to sell the app (only?) in the MAS.


Yes, apparently the beta is only available to owners of version 3, and of course that’s not available. So people left in the lurch by CPN just have to wait. I also doubt that it will import CPN notebooks, so theres that as well. For me I expect this will be too little, too late.


I have also been giving OmniOutliner a try. Pretty neat! So the good news is there’s tons of good options in this space.


Nice OmniOutliner review here


FYI the Ulysses blog has unveiled two features coming in v.15 (currently in beta) - new keyword/tag-based search, and split-view.


There is always Alfons Smid’s Notebooks