Notes not syncing to new MacBook Air

Good afternoon friends. I have a problem. I recently got a new MacBook Air but for some reason my Apple notes don’t sync from my phone or iPad to the laptop. Some notes do appear but not new ones that I create. I have checked and made sure everything is turned on for iCloud sync. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


System Preferences → iCloud → Notes and make sure there’s a check mark in the Notes check box. If on, consider flicking it off, then signing out of iCloud then back in again (and turning Notes sync back on).

This link might help:

EDIT: Also this:

Since iCloud is designed to hold the canonical database of notes with which apps interact, assuming you don’t have any new Mac notes that haven’t synced to iOS, your notes should be fine in the cloud (you can log into and confirm), as a further, later option I’d consider deleting the notes from the Mac and try to re-sync.