Notifications on Apple Watch

I don’t seem to get some haptic feedback on my Apple Watch Series 4, latest watchOS and iOS anymore.

I usually set a bunch of location-based reminders for when I go through town and I get notified to do this and that on my watch as I pass through.

But not anymore. They are there in the Notification Center but I don’t get the haptic feedback when they go off.

Can anyone help out?

Does the reminders app has sound turned on in the notification settings?

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Try changing the setting in the Watch app on your phone for Notifications > Reminders. Make it “Custom” and explicitly allow Haptics.

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Nope, haptics instead of sound.

Yeah looks like that. I’ll try again tomorrow. Report back if it works

Did you check that the watch is not in Do Not Disturb, or Theatre, or Ringer Off Silence mode?

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I had a similar issue with shortcuts running. I had to explicitly tell the shortcut to send me a notification (this might be entirely seperate to what you’re experiencing but might help!)

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What is Ringer off exactly?

Sorry, should have said “Silence”

Screenshot of Safari (9-30-20, 2-09-34 PM)

Sound on the Apple Watch was the first thing I ever turned off on the watch when I got it :blush: