Notifications on Watch OS 6 is not working

I’m not getting any notifications on my watch except ones from the Activity app since updating. Anyone else having this issue?

Any suggestions to fix the issue? I have tried a few things, but no luck.

Did you reboot it and your phone?

Yes I did! Tried a few times.

Figured it out. When I got the new iPhone on Friday, I had them swap SIM cards. I just deleted everything off my old phone and I’m getting notifications on the Watch now.

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I, too, have had weird notification behavior on my watch (Watch Series 3 running OS6, iPhone 7+ running 13.0). Hoping that 13.1 will get this sorted. I keep my phone on mute, so the notifications on my watch are important for me.

I went back on the beta because it was better for me than os 13.