Notion for Research?

Giving Bear a spin. While I don’t love tagging as a way to organize things, I think I can do everything with just four:


Pros of Bear so far:

  • Very solid web clipper on the Mac
  • Good Markdown support
  • Good export options

I disliked tags at first. But conceptually they can be considered the same as folders, but an object can “be” in more than one “folder.”

This is exactly my hang-up with them!


Is there a way in Dynalist to have the parent automatically checked off when all children are checked (like in e.g. OmniOutliner)? I looked around but couldn’t figure out where the setting/option is, if any.

I don’t think that’s possible. However, showing checklist progress is considered as a possible feature.

In any case it is always better to ask on Dynalist forum directly. The developers are very responsive and some users can do insane stuff with Custom CSS.

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A bit late to the conversation, and I don’t use Notion strictly for any one thing and that’s what I like about it. I totally agree with Rosemary’s list of weaknesses. All of them are true and I would add the lack of a true native app on the Mac makes it a problem too.

However, I’ve not found anything quite as flexible. For instance, I can start a table as a task list, switch over to view it as boards, make “comments” to a task to update progress (not just a blob “notes” interface most traditional to-do apps have), and WITHIN the task I can create yet another table, a page, etc. And I can do that over and over again. The search is pretty fast though I don’t have too much data right now. It’s honestly not a great to do app but I use it as such because it offers me so much flexibility in project management.

I haven’t even cracked the surface, but it’s a great start. I agree with others that the iOS app is lacking, but for me it’s for simple input and viewing (though I did do some work on it while stuck at a movie theater with no computer).

I should also mention that I’m an educator so I get one of the paid tiers for free, but it doesn’t let me collaborate. I would love to use this for family organization.

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I’ve spent some time with KeepIt. While I like the organizational structure, I really want to use Markdown and have the ability to put images inline. I think KeepIt is too strict about the type of note you create. You can get fancy Markdown stuff, but you can’t have images in the same note.

For now, I think Bear wins for this and it’s very good web scraper tool on the Mac.

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@ismh Do you kind expanding on why you like markdown outside of posts you are creating for 512 Pixels (which I love btw!!)? I see so many people swear by markdown for all kinds of writing not intending to go to the web. Unless I missed your point for your data/info collection service.

I like Markdown for its ease of use in formatting text. I can do all sorts of formatting without ever leaving the keyboard, and find myself even handwriting things in Markdown like # for headers in a notebook.


I will be interested in reading more about your experience with Bear as time goes on. I have mixed feelings about the tags organization – over the years I’ve accreted dozens of tags and my organization evolved into a bit of a mess. I suppose I need to focus on culling the tags and consolidating / creating tag groups.


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I’m hoping my limited use case will help: Notion for Research?


Discussion here and elsewhere on MPU has caused me to abort my Bear trial before it truly began, and fire up DevonThink.

Yes, it’s all your fault. :slight_smile:


I did the same thing about a year ago. Bear is beautiful, but when you already have DEVONThink, I don’t see much of the point unless you REALLY love Bears aesthetic. DT clipper is better. DT is more powerful, etc, etc. But if all you are doing is collecting links, DT is a bit much.

I’m still committed to Evernote for the time being but have more and more been using Notion for little things here and there, figuring out how to use it and building use cases. I think it’s pretty good. A couple things I still need to make it take the place of EN:

  • Safari Webclipper
  • A way to email notes into the inbox
  • Handwriting recognition a plus but not a must

I’ve used DevonThink sporadically off and on over the years. I’ll go all in on it for a few months, and then get nervous about data access and back off.

Two things seem to have improved significantly since my last try at DT: Sync, and the web clipper.

I still think the clipper on Evernote is better (which I use if the DT clip doesn’t look great or capture exactly what I want), but DT’s has improved over the last couple years. The DTTG clipper has gotten better too.

What do you by access? On different devices? Cross-platform?

I get nervous that my data might get corrupted in that big ol’ DevonThink database.

I’m seeing problems with the DT clipper again. Simplified clips aren’t coming out from my employer’s website, which is by far the site I clip most often.

Do you have a simple, automated way of getting clips from Evernote to DevonThink?

a little late, but OMG I’m losing my mind over Roam. I’d recommend everyone check out roam research, using the link in this Zettelkasten article.
I’m looking to use Roam to replace at least OmniOutliner, Agenda, and about half of my DevonThink use cases. (I’ll still use DevonThink to store documents like PDFs in). not sure yet if Roam can replace DayOne for me too.

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DayOne is quite nice for automation and its feature set. I thought the same thing too. So I have decided to keep my DayOne personal and family and Roam for my professional intellectual journal.

I don’t do anything special. I just use DEVONthink’s import feature from Evernote once I get to that point.

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