Notion is now free for personal use

Evernote does not offer that discount to existing members who want to extend their subscription for another year. Bad. Time to switch the Evernote bandwagon.

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around Notion. I want to use it but I guess I’m missing some basic understanding of what it does and how it stores your information.

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This is a great description. It all feels little…subdued too? I don’t know, it’s weird.

Also, I feel like I get lost easily in the app. Like a maze of mirrors, many ways to get in, and you can’t really find your way back without fumbling around and bumping into things.

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You’re not alone. It’s very open-ended, perhaps too much so for you and me. Forum posts on Reddit and elsewhere asking to see how other have configured the app, questions about workflow and maintenance, and a crazy variety of shared templates. For some that’s great, though.


While Notion does market itself as an Evernote replacement, I agree that it doesn’t deal with PDFs as well. And the Notion API is still to be released.

Where I think Notion excels is in the wiki, note-taking, to-dos, writing, and collaboration spaces. I’m also very interested to see how powerful the API is and what integrations it might enable.

Overall I think it’s a great product. But it’s not the place to store all your OCRed PDFs like Evernote.

I agree that the barrier to entry for the UI is high. The new free tier finally made me dedicate time to exploring Notion this week. Glad that I have, but there is a learning curve.

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Yeah but I’m sure people once said that about Twitter to Myspace, or Google to Yahoo. The best and worst thing about online products is the potential for rapid change

Same here. It feels like I get lost all the time.

That still is no proof that one particular tiny company’s existence resulted in Evernote’s sale, which someone else noted seems to be a yearly event.

Does anyone have any idea on getting data out of Notion. What are the pitfalls. I read through their support, but not much info. Though they say that it can be exported. Also if html is the ony option to export thats a bummer. I am looking for real world experiences. :slight_smile:

I’ve not used Notion, I’ve only reviewed a few articles and YouTube “How To’s”. But that is enough to make me think it could not be a substitute for the way I use Evernote.

I have always used Evernote, personally and at work, as a filing cabinet for things I need to “remember”. Downloaded or “printed” PDFs, articles clipped from the web, emails, receipts scanned with ScannerPro, spreadsheets, trouble tickets from vendors, pictures of white boards snapped at the end of a meeting. I literally just dump everything into Evernote, usually with very little organization, because I can find anything in seconds by searching. Even text written (legibly) in that photo of a white board.

The killer feature of Evernote, for me, is that it only takes me seconds to load information into EN or find it.

Both Evernote and Notion have had their problems in the past and it appears both are on now course for a brighter future. Time will tell.

I’ve used Evernote since its very early days and Notion for several months. While I know the Notion people market their product as a replacement for Evernote, I don’t believe it is.

Evernote’s greats strength is as a repository - convenient, quick and reliable. I know you can use it for notes and todos, but they’re (IMO) side gigs.

Notion is an organiser and presenter of data - Its strength is the ability to slice and dice data and present it differently for different purposes. If you need collaboration it.s good at that too). But its use as a repository is a side gig. It doesn’t have the ease or flow of Evernote and I don’t believe it ever will because that’s not core functionality.

If I were still a heavy user of Evernote (I moved to DEVONThink a while back), I’d keep using it for what it’s good at - acquisition and retrieval. I’d still use Notion for planning and organising - using the stuff I had in Evernote


Notion fees like one of those apps that I really should like - and yet … I just can’t get on board with it.

Everyone says it looks gorgeous, and I don’t particularly agree. That’s not my main concern though. My main issue is that I still it just feels so ‘manual’ at a time when I’m trying to automote a lot of my processes.

It touts itself as an answer to Wikis, To-Do lists, databses … basically whatever you want. And yet it still feels like, to make use of all of those things from my side (and keep them updated) takes a whole lot of manual work.

  • The key thing with any To-Do list, for example, is about getting your tasks into it as soon as they crop up. Hence, I use a combination of Things3 with Zapier and Siri to allow me to record all of my tasks as soon as I think of them. With Notion, I’d literally have to login and type things out whenever anything crops up.
  • While the relational databases are itneresting, again they’re not very proactive. If I add another field into an existing database, the values don’t get updated in all those other databases that I have a relationship without me going through them all and adding in the new values manually.
  • Values can’t be updated dynamically - again, meaning that it’s practically impossible for me to look at a single “Dashboard” of my life and react accordingly.

I feel like Notion is one of those apps that I should absolutely love - especially, in lieu of the latest pricing update. And yet … I just can’t bring myself to commit to it.


I started to use this app like 3 days ago. I use it to maintain my own personal wiki, and my task, before in OneNote since my employer give us the O365.

I have to say that is the best app that I can think for my personal use, having the task on a page and also each task is a page where I can have details, comments, and updates from meetings, I also attach the emails about specific conversation regarding the project that may affect my task. Oh! did I said that you can customize the page so it would look nice… is really motivating to maintain task updated. I love the sync between Windows/Mac/Phone… I see everything everywhere… I love it. I will keep using as my journal also, since I have been wanting to start journaling but haven’t find the motivation and this apps really calls you to write on it. @MortimerJazz I will advise, to start, just use a template that are already created and start putting your own data, take like an hour, that way just play with the application.

I forgot to add, my main use is on Mac OS and Windows Apps.

This are my 2 cents on the topic.

Keep safe,

I decided to try it and they have one of the worst iPad apps that I’ve ever experienced, especially with the Magic Keyboard - the app is completely broken for trackpad use. It wasn’t like Excel or Word where most things still work (some need fixing), this was a nightmare. Even simple drag and drop doesn’t work, and all the apps I use at least have support for this.

This is a deal breaker for me as I use the Magic Keyboard all the time and need app compatibility.


Their “apps” are just web wrappers. I would like to like Notion which I find very interesting but just as you, the lack of correct apps and good offline support are dealbreakers.

Maybe I am missing something, but wha type mean by offline support? I have my computer off the internet and was able to use it normally, once I got online it sync with web and other PC.

You don’t have all your data with you at all times, like Bear does - if you have opened the notes while you’re online, they will be downloaded and you’re fine, otherwise you’re out of luck.

Wao! Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t notice that.

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I think it is important to focus on matching the application with tasks best suited for its application.

I would never think of using Notion for a task manager when like you state there are so many good ones out there already.

and yes, it does require some time investment in a learning curve. I took some Skill Share classes on using it.

IMHO this represents the next level of software I think it may be termed “No Code” where you are taking building blocks sort of like Lego blocks and making something out of it. So it can be easily personalized for certain functions by putting the blocks together.

When you distill many tasks to its basic functions you come down to text manipulation, databases, spreadsheets, calendars and various imaging software handling a majority of functions that people are looking for.

For example, I created a Notion page to keep track of my Audible book collection.

There are many YouTube tutorials out there as well as SkillShare classes as stated there is a time investment required for learning

I really do not see this as a substitute for Evernote and like others here, I use Evernote as a repository and it’s capture ability is really great.

Now how about a data exit strategy?

Well they offer a process to export all of your data
# Export your workspace

*Your Notion data will always be backed up in the cloud, but you can also export all of it at once should you need local copies for safekeeping. Export lets you download all your pages as HTML, Markdown, or CSV (for databases), and any files/images you’ve uploaded, too. *

If you’re on an Enterprise Plan, you can export your workspace as PDF files, which can be helpful for legal and compliance backups.

More importantly, is my main concern. How long can they stay in business?

So they just got $50M on April 1st 2020 (No fooling!) to use for 40 employees of which I suppose that most can work remotely so I feel that it is safe to trust that they will be around for a while as this is their only product.

Unlike Lifecake, who was bought by Canon (aka Big Company) than is being shut down and relaunched under a subscription service. Like I said before many of these software models are unsustainable so the model that many companies try to do (Probably Notion as well) is getting customers hooked on their software like a drug then down the road change to a subscription model. People are always looking for a free lunch and appear to never learn that you get what you pay for. So it is Happy Days at Notion now get the latest productivity software app for the addict and you will have to pay your dealer later.

The annual prediction demise of Evernote is a laugh and I guess all the time savings from these productivity apps give people extra time to use this saved time to go down this rabbit hole.

I will go on record to forecast that the sacred cow of Real Estate and predict that many companies are going to look at what has happened due to COVID-19 and see that having people in commercial Real Estate is not necessary and a way to increase the profit margin in this Information Age. We will witness a disruption akin to the Agricultural Age shifting to the Industrial Age. I would not want to be a commercial building or mall owner now.

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