Nova from Panic

Just wondering if other people are experimenting with the new Nova text editor / IDE from Panic. My impressions so far are good, but it remains to be seen if it will replace Sublime Text as my editor of choice.

I like the fact that extensions and customizations seem a bit simpler to handle in Nova than Sublime.

Interested in hearing the impressions of others.

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I’ve downloaded it twice and deleted it within a day. Most projects I work on aren’t currently supported but the promise of a proper Mac app keeps tempting me!

I had Coda and really liked it. I tried Nova, but I can’t move away from VSCode. VSCode is my Markdown editor, Text Editor and HTML Dev environment.

I don’t code 24 hours per day, I teach students to code. If I were coding all day, maybe I wouldn’t be using VSCode…


Have installed the demo and tried it for a little while, but quickly reverted to Sublime Text.

Should probably give it another try before my trial ends.

No Java syntax highlighting / features from what I can tell so it’s a no from me

I’m really happy for Panic releasing this. I expect many of us who used Coda a decade ago are not necessarily the target for its successor now, as we’ve matured our skills as developers, and our tools (Sublime w/ plugins, JetBrains IDEs, terminal knowledge) have evolved to keep up. However, there are many people for whom this should be the most productive option, that I don’t think need to jump straight to developing the way I do. And I think Nova is also going to be a fun option for those of us who have something faster set up—I don’t want to make every site or application the same way.

And anyone who is exactly where I was with Coda ten years ago is going to learn a lot from the task runners and Git integrations. It seems, as with Coda, Nova will do a better job than Dreamweaver at being a teacher.

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When it get back into learning development I’ll likely go with the tandem of Bbedit and Nova.

When I was in Bootcamp I was doing VScode and Espresso. I’m also one of those people plans to only code lightly so having Mac native tools is preferable to me. I’d like to see Nova and CodeKit get really chummy.

As a Coda user I’m pleased that I’ll get a bit of a discount and then the annual fee for constant updates is only 49 bucks. I’m ok with that so long as Panic keeps Transmit and other ancillary apps updated as well.