November 2020 Event Announcement

Presumably Apple Silicon Macs and Big Sur.


screams in excitement like a little kid on Christmas Day


Should be more interesting that recent iPhone event. Looking forward to new announcement.

I can’t wait! He said in 20 characters.

What is the rational behind the 20 characters. I know the count of chars. But why is it always said 20 chars. Just want to know :grinning:

It’s the Discourse default – it’s designed to prevent spam and also encourage more thoughtful posts. The like button is more designed for quick acknowledgements or agreements.


Showing his approval, he liked Justin’s post, nodding enthusiastically to himself, and also thinking that maybe he spent to much time in lockdown and it started to maybe show in public. « But at least, » he thought, « now I’m way past 20 characters. »


Lockdown is getting to us :flushed:.


I am so excited for this event. I wonder if that is why I woke up 2 hours early this morning.


Some of us are postponing dinner for it :wink:

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It begins!!! Buwaha-ha-ha!

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All right! The drop-and-make-cloud-of-dust animation. Used sparingly by Apple to make dramatic statements.

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It’s interesting how much Apple is really getting its money’s worth out of the billions it spent on Apple Park during a year when most of its employees are working from home.

The first Mac chip will be the M1. 4 performance cores, 4 efficiency cores, 8 GPU cores (same setup as the A12Z).

Word cloud grid confirmed an integrated Thunderbolt controller.

Thunderbolt and USB-4 specifically mentioned now.

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Apple has not even described the actual computer yet and I already want the new Apple Silicon Mac.

Hmm, the screen images they’re using to show macOS seem awfully big for a laptop screen…

Nice OmniGroup shoutout.

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That car game they showed was Asphalt 9. Asphalt 8 feels more fun.

That developer video was a real indie dev greatest hits: Omni, Panic, Affinity.

They’re really dumping on Intel’s integrated graphics (by implication anyway).

Was not expecting an Apple Silicon mini.

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Whoever made the transitions between speakers must have had tons of fun.

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Urgh, an Apple Silicon Mac Mini - my wallet could be taking a hit that it wasn’t expecting…

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