November 2021 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

@Larry_Wilson Thanks a lot!

There will be 30% off everything from Affinity for their Black Friday event.


@rob, Have you used arq on windows? If so, how would you compare Arq to Macrium? Thanks

Yes, I use them both:

  • Reflect for local disk image backups to an external drive
  • Arq for online file backups

(While I have a lifetime license I’m still using Arq v5 on the PC, after all the trouble I had with v6. I might upgrade to v7 after my network is upgraded to fiber at the end of the month, when I will have much faster uploads)

DEVONtechnologies is offering 25% off on all their products, from November 26 to November 29.


Lifetime Plexpass $90 (25% off)

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Git tower 50% off - Pricing | Tower Git Client

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Stomp Software is having various sales (photographer tools for blog publishing, etc)

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Ergonis is offering all of its products for 30% off “until Black Friday”. I own all of their products, Typinator (which is far superior to TextExpander and is actively improved), PopChar, KeyCue. The developer is solidly committed to macOS and no other platform. Keep that in mind.


$75 as a bundle or 50% off individually. Includes Aeon Timeline 3, Pathfinder 10, Squash, Permute, TextSoap, Unclutter.


Thank you. Tempted to get Unite 4 and Default Folder X for 50% off!

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Paste clipboard manager is 66% off for the first year, regular pricing for subsequent years

After hearing it’s praise in the recent MPU, I subscribed…

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Seriously guys… you don’t have iStat Menu yet??? 75% off for just $3!!!

Buy one for each of your Mac!


At this price, may as well get the family pack… covers 5 macs

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Just to mention it – SetApp includes all of these apps.

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Mac Sparky field guides are on sale! Best sale of the year.

Per the email:
So I am doing a sale this year. I don’t run these holiday sales every year and don’t know when I’ll do one again. But starting today through Monday, the code TURKEY21 will get you 20% off any of the courses at Learn.MacSparky. That’s nearly $10 off most courses. You have my permission to go nuts.


C-Command software has a discount of 25% off.

Their main products are:

  • DropDMG
  • EagleFiler
  • SpamSieve
  • ToothFairy
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@merecivillian I was surprised at the discount too when I installed the app. Although I felt sad that he didn’t get the full amount since I was determined to pay that amount for the App.

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There are some good deals over at NCH software, makers of Express Scribe (30-50% off).

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