Now or wait to upgrade my 2018 12.9 iPad Pro?

I know there is a similar thread or two on this but my question has a slightly different context. Once Apple announces new MBPs and iPhone 13 I plan to upgrade to the MBP 14” (if the rumors are true) and I’ll be upgrading my iPhone X to the iPhone 13 pro or Pro Max.

I am also going to update my 2018 iPad Pro. Assuming that MBPs and iPhone 13s are available in Sept/Oct, is there much likelihood that Apple will have any upgrade to the iPad Pro in Sept/Oct or will that more likely take place next year? My reason for asking is that the battery on my iPad Pro is not lasting very long at this point. I could purchase the newest iPad Pro NOW and make the other two purchases in Sept/Oct.

Any advice on this?

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Are you stressing your iPad with what you do with it? (Apart from the battery). If not, then maybe consider a battery replacement and plan to keep it for a couple of years more. My 11" iPad Pro (on which I’m typing this) was ridiculously overpowered when I got it and it’s still way more than I need. If you’re in a similar situation then waiting might make sense.

No, my work is such that I never find myself stressing any of my devices. I tend to buy more computer than I need because I repurpose them and want them to be viable for as long as possible. The same is true of the iPad. The battery is the main issue. I use my iPad a lot and with travel beginning long battery life is important.

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You and I do things similarly :slight_smile: I can’t tell you what to do, but if I were in your situation, I’d opt for a battery replacement on the iPad…

… unless work is buying the iPad, in which case I’d be unable to do any work at all until a new M1 iPad Pro arrives :innocent:


I’m blessed in that work is buying all three devices but I always want to be a good steward. :slight_smile:


Apple will replace the battery for $99. When the time comes to replace my 2020 iPP I might opt for that before purchasing a new one.

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+1 for battery replacement. The 2018 iPad Pro still has plenty of power, and it will take a while for key apps to actually use the M1 and Ram (and they need to be backward compatible). If you are not an iPad camera/lidar user and don’t need more storage (Thunderbolt) than you’ve got, I’d wait and let the software-hardware catch up play out. iPadOS is the limiting factor and not the iPad itself


With roughly 18 months between iPad pro upgrade cycles I think you’re safe buying one now.

I’m sticking with my 2018 pro a while longer, but if you want to upgrade, why wait?
There’s always something new coming…

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The latest iPad Pros have been out for a month. Don’t think we’ll see much of an upgrade. Maybe to the next version of Apple Silicon but still not sure what I get out of this one vs the A style chips.

I think you are correct. I was able to edit HD video on a 6th gen entry level iPad. So I doubt there is any software available that would tax a 2018 iPP. I see no reason why Apple would upgrade them again any time soon.

You should buy the iPad Pro now because they just updated it. I upgraded from the 2018 12.9 iPad Pro to the M1 12.9 iPad Pro and the speed bump is impressive.

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I am using a 2020 (Intel) MacBook Air and a 2018 12.9 iPad Pro. In both cases, they are meeting my needs nicely. I will admit that I do like to use my wife’s M1 Air. I don’t plan on upgrading either unless there is an absolute need.

May I ask how you have noticed it? What are you using? I’m still on the 2018 and I think it’s still chugging along just fine, but maybe I’m missing something.

I’m not really pushing things with any heavy apps. Mostly watching videos, browsing the web, sending emails, etc. It’s just that everything seems snappier than the 2018, not that I thought the 2018 was slow and needed upgrading, but you do notice the speed difference.

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