Numbers always opens two spreadsheets

When I launch Numbers on the Mac (Catalina), it always opens two spreadsheets.

How do I ‘reset’ it so it opens with the dialogue box?

Thank you!

Does this work:
Numbers->Preferences->General->For New Spreadsheets->Show Template Chooser

Unfortunately it did not make a difference. I even chose “Use template: Blank”, quit the app, then restarted and it loaded the two spreadsheets again.


Do you have some kind of script of Keyboard Maestro action running that might be triggering? I occasionally end up with an unexpected and unexplained issue like this where I have an unintended consequence of some other automation I set up without realizing when or how it might activate.

No keyboard software.

I’ll delete numbers and reinstall, and will report back.


Deleted Numbers from the Mac, then reinstalled. Works like expected!