Numbers Fill Date iOS changes cell formatting

Decided to give numbers a try because I’ve been having some issues with excel. But I’m having a small but annoying problem. I like that there’s a date button on the keyboard to add the date to a cell, but when I use it, it changes the date formatting to automatic when I specifically set up the date formatting I wanted. So the cell is set up to write the date as 2022-09-19, but when I use the date button it changes the formatting and writes the date as 09/19/22.

What is the easy fix I somehow can’t find. I’m on iOS.

Just tested this on the iPhone and iPad. Both work as expected. Formatted date cell to show as yyyy-mm-dd (no time). Used the date button to add today’s date. Shows up as 09/20/2022 until I hit the return. Then it changes to 2022-09-20.

You’re right and I’m an idiot, lol! Needed to hit return I guess. :joy: Thank you!

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that get us all. :crazy_face: