Nutty - Kookie - Spookie

I really enjoy using Voice control for dictation on the mac.

System Prefs > Accessibility > Voice control > enable voice control

I find this quite accurate and easy to use and edit.

I was doing some basic dictation the other day. Often I will be looking elsewhere as I am dictating and then look at the screen from time to time.

It caught my eye that something strange was happening on the screen. When I looked over noticed a bunch of extra text had shown up that I had not dictated. So I thought it must be broken.

When I looked at it, I noticed it was somewhat similar to what I was working on but I was baffled where it came from?

And then I figured it out:

Nutty - Kookie - Spookie : Guess where the extra text was coming from? Me! As it turns out this amazing microphone can pick up my regular voice no problem - but was also picking up my under the breath whispering also!

I guess it has some auto-input Volume leveling happening.

Now that is Nutty - Kookie - Spookie. And Cool!