Obsidian can now import Apple notes

The good news is that this is very easy–see the screenshots below. As far as I can determine, one cannot select certain notes by folder or tag.

The notes are imported to the Inbox. From there, I move them to my Apple Notes Archive database.

I thought you were using the Exporter app you mentioned some time ago… does DEVOthink always download all the notes in AN or only the ones that have changed?

I initially used the Exporter app, but I saved a step once I discovered that DT could import the notes. DT imports ALL notes and maintains the file structure; I’ve not found a way to select some and not other notes or folders. However, I prefer having them all imported. It creates redundancy, but I don’t mind, as most of these notes are pure text, so storage is not an issue.

I am currently checking out Obsidian’s AN Importer again. However, for a backup strategy, I would need it to be automated. Did anybody manage to do that? I tried Automator and failed to use the “Watch Me Do” successfully.