Obsidian Course Accountabilibuddy

I signed up for the Sweet Setup Obsidian course and figured there’s a nonzero chance someone else in this forum plans on signing up. Would anyone like to tackle the course with a buddy? Maybe set a timeline for when we want to finish it and discuss any interesting ideas?


I signed up. Given my schedule I can’t commit to a definitive completion date but I’d love to discuss the course as we go along. :slight_smile:

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I’d be in too. I signed up for the obsidian and beyond course.

I’m in the course, too. I think we should discuss as we move along.

Great! Ideas on easiest ways to discuss between the four of us? Slack, discord, email? I’m pretty flexible

I want to finish the course in the next 60ish days (I’m shooting for September 30 because I want to do so before Q4 - my day job gets busy at the end of the year) but totally understand not having a goal for completion, my brain just likes deadlines

I’m ¾ through the course. I’ll probably finish it this weekend. I’ve never used discord but have used Slack. That platform works for me but I’m flexible also.

I’m interested in this too. I did attend the webinar and now going through the course.

Okay, I made a Slack Group https://join.slack.com/t/slack-tue5167/shared_invite/zt-ud5imcyt-bhPmi6Gii2fCHS1wnJGDZw.

I created channels for each module, a channel for discussing obsidian in general and then kept the “general channel”

I bought the Focus Course at the same time (and just bought several of Sparky’s field guides, I’ve blown my education budget for the year in the last two weeks) so I just finished Module 1 but want to try to get through the whole course pretty quickly

I’m not able to join the slack group. I am trying from my iOS device.

I also cannot open in Slack on iOS.