Obsidian Dataview plugin documentation

Has anyone written a how-to guide for the Dataview plugin for Obsidian – something on the level of the “Taking Control” books, or MacSparky’s Field Guides? I have only very very basic Dataview skills, and find turning to the official Dataview documentation is always like running down a series of rabbit holes looking for an answer, which often ends up with no explanation for terms or no examples. (Not the developer’s fault; I’m just thick.)

I regularly peruse the lengthy Dataview plugin showcase thread on the Obsidian forum, but it’s 650 posts long in an interesting, but meandering dialog.

So – where’s the manual for the rest of us? I’m all for learning by doing, but when the doing ends up chasing up blind alleys, the learning doesn’t happen.


I found this guide to be helpful getting started. It may be more basic than what you’re looking for.


Thank you, I’ll give it a read.