Obsidian + DEVONthink + DEVONthink to go

I’ve been catching the “it’s spring and time to rethink the workflow” bug. I’ve been using DT to store content and also I’ve been taking notes and such in it. I sometimes actually find taking notes in Drafts easier and then refine / complete / store those notes in DT later. I use DT on an iMAC, a MacBook Pro, and my iPhone via DTTG.

If I create my content in Obsidian and have DT index the vault folder and store the vault in some cloud location (iCloud), would Obsidian content links stored in DT be accessible on all three devices?

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Depends on what you mean by this, I think.

x-devonthink-item:// links: yes. [[Wikilinks]]: not on DEVONthink To Go, but yes on Obsidian’s mobile app.

Bumping up this topic! @scotte did you ever get to implement your new workflow?
With the release of Obsidian mobile, I am thinking of re-adding the whole obsidian suite in my workflow which is currently based on Draft feeding DEVONthink / DEVONthink.
My contents in DT are hosted in databases synchronised using the new ICloud CloudKit sync.
I had some painful past experiences with other sync methods in DT before and would rather avoid a bad choice but if I am to use Obsidian I need to migrate my DT content to index files in ICloud first.

Yes, I’m syncing DT using iCloud and now that there is an Obsidian mobile, my vault is in iCloud as well. I have a DT database that is local on my iMac and Macbook Pro that is just an index of the Vault.

I still take notes in Drafts and treat Drafts as another Inbox → trash/archive or to DT or to Obsidian.

You might like this Drafts Action I found. I tested it and it works great.

I did a video on how I use the two of them together. Obsidian mobile wasn’t out at the time, but it still all works as I describe.