Obsidian gets a lot of features for working with files

Latest “insider” (early-beta group) of Obsidian has a lot of interesting features for working with files within and external to Obsidian.

The insider builds usually are made available to the public a week or so later.


This team continues to pump out updates based upon their user community. IMHO this is the best process to continue to support your user base. Evernote should take note.


Evernote is oriented to some corporate EBITDA goal and shareholder happiness. Obsidian is oriented to hacker happiness.

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How long will it take for “insider” features to go “mainstream”? I’ve wanted to check out Obsidian but I haven’t decided to commit to it yet, so I’m not sure I’d want to sign up for another subscription yet.

Quorm stated: …

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It’s not a subscription. It’s just a one time purchase to go insider. :blush:


Oy vey. I need to have my eyes checked.

Oh! Why did i think it was a subscription? Apparently my memory is working as well as my eyes today.
I’ll have to look again.

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“Insider” is not a purchase. It’s donationware. All users get the same software – those who donate just get early access.


It is subscription as long as it’s entirely for Personal use. Any kind of use for work should warrant a Business license which is annual renewal.

How many of Mac Power Users are there who would just use it :100: just for personal use.

The question was not that there are subscription plans for Obsidian. There are – you mentioned one of them. The question was whether “Insider” was a subscription – it is not. It is gift giving.

By the way, per Obsidian’s licensing terms:

The only case where you must pay for Obsidian is if you use it for revenue-generating work-related activities in a company with two or more people. Get commercial licenses if that’s the case. Non-profit organizations do not need commercial licenses.
For all other uses, you can use Obsidian for free forever.

Most of us might be employees or self-employed, but most of us are not “two or more…” so, the free forever plan is just fine for us, and any kind of work we do.

(A little research into original documents is always helpful, I find.)

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For those who are employees 2+ in a company then unless they do not use for work isnt it still a subscription with commercial license. I don’t know the number of people who are self employed or are in 2+ category. My reply was to the fact that it’s not free from subscription.

To clarify, I thought it was a subscription for personal, individual usage.

I thought there was a subscription if you wanted to sync your Obsidian info on more than one Mac… like I think Bear and maybe Drafts do, and I know “Keep It” does…

However, I think that is still optional since, as far as I know, Obsidian works with Dropbox, etc… so I wouldn’t need a specific subscription for Obsidian.

I’m also glad to hear that I can use it for work since I’m covered under the non-profit category.

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There’s also Craft, which is $45/year. I might have been conflating that too.


The biggest thing: if you enjoy the software, throw them some money so they can keep developing it :slight_smile:

Obsidian has multiple ways to support:

  • Catalyst license (one time developer support contribution which nets you insider build access)
  • Obsidian Publish
  • Obsidian Sync
  • Commercial Licenses

That is what I did. It is good to give some revenue to the software pioneers to keep in supply of Red Bull