Obsidian Live Preview released to public


I know where my weekend is going. Bear > Obsidian :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have been too busy with work recently to post on ’round here. But this feels like a special occasion. Happy Second Brain Level Up Day, everyone! :tada:

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This has been my preferred feature on Typora. Until now…

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fantastic. It really does make a difference (to me, at least).

Does anyone know when this trickles out to ipados?

Live Preview in the beta has been quite nice.

To Bear’s credit, it was a really easy move. Except everything has a tag that I don’t need in Obsidian.

@Leeabe51 Can you please share a specific guide that you followed?

Sorry, but I didn’t use anything. I just went into Bear File>Export Notes. Put them in my Obsidian folder and imported. I did have to spend an hour or so organizing and moving stuff into folders. I turned on tags in Obsidian as well, so the old Bear tags showed up to make things a bit easier.

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Have we we had a discussion about what theme to use? I can’t find one I like. I switched to “Minimal” because the Macstories guys said it was the most Mac-like, but it is too basic. I need a little bit of color and flare to make things like headers stand out more.

I use Blue Topaz

Here is an example page from the book I’m working on.


I like the Things theme.


Are obsidian notes searchable via spotlight search on iOS? That’s my most used feature of bear

I didn’t find my notes that way, but wondering if there’s a trick to this

The markdown files do, but not in Obsidian.

My Bear notes do not show up in Spotlight search on my phone though. Is that something you have to turn on?

they are indexed by default and show up in the search just like apple notes. native app feature I guess

Ditto that. I love the Things theme.

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+1 on Things theme. But Minimal is also quite good. EDIT: went back to Minimal. There were some weird interface issues in the Things theme.

I just started using the Ozam’s Image Preview plug in and now am thinking that I don’t really need live preview so much as the ability to see the images. Though Ozam’s doesn’t work on iOS (I believe). Also don’t have Live Preview on iOS yet. Hoping soon.

Does anyone use one folder for everything? My Evernote export is like that and I kinda like it. It does require good [[linking]] and #tagging though. Using quick search and the graph to find things seems easy enough.

I use Red Graphite (Light) which looks a lot like my Bear theme did. If I’m in Marked 2, I use its Bear clone as well.