Obsidian software

Hi, I have downloaded Obsidian to play around people with and watched the first Milo video. My issue is that when I type the double bracket the word goes blue as if there is a link but it doesn’t do anything. When I click it, it doesn’t create a new note and if I do creat a new note with the highlighted word it doesn’t link. If I’m doing something wrong I have no idea what it is as I thought it was supposed to work automatically? Any advice?

If you are using Obsidian on the Mac (and not the iOS/iPadOS TestFlight beta), press and hold Command and then click on the link in brackets to jump to that note (if the file has already been created) or to create a new note (if the file hasn’t already been created). Alternatively, if you click the monitor icon in the top-right corner to switch into Preview mode, you can just click on any link to jump to/create that file.

Command-click doesn’t yet appear to work on iPadOS (with an external keyboard and trackpad), unfortunately.


Ah, many thanks. I guessed there was something else that I should be doing but didn’t know what! I don’t recall Nick Milo mentioning that in his video but may have missed it. Thanks again.

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If you are trying to get IOS to do this, and have an external keyboard, try to hold OPTION+COMMAND and then CLICK the highlighted link in the preview version of the note. I think it works for me using a BRYDGE keyboard