Obsidian Training Videos—NOT Zettelkasten

I have some extra time on my hands over the next two weeks so I have an opportunity to accelerate my learning.

I have a good handle on the basics of Obsidian (having experimented several times and having finally settled on my best use of the program). What I want to do is accelerate my learning curve. I’m not looking for Zettelkasten training. A good resource for learning Zettelkasten can be found here, as well as in other places.

I’m looking specifically for good Obsidian app training videos. I am already familiar with Linking your Thinking.

Any other suggestions? I searched the forum but there is so much about Obsidian that I’m not locating what I’m looking for. It is a bit like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack.


PS I cross posted this on the Obsidian forum as well.

The Sweet Setup has an Obsidian training course which is supposed to be out August 3rd. They have recently run some “Zero to Obsidian” courses/webinars. I attended one and found it extremely helpful, and I am looking forward to the full course.

Oh, it turns out they have another one TODAY (July 13).

The seminar is $79 and that not only gets you into the seminar, but you also get their full, Obsidian Course at no additional cost (which they list as a $149 value).

My personal experience with TSS stuff has been hit-or-miss, but the Obsidian workshop was 100% “hit” for me.

FWIW. YMMV. Use only as directed. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Thanks, I’ll give this a shot. I hope it is worthwhile! :slight_smile:

Search Obsidian how to on YouTube – you’ll recognize a number of folks there, including @justindirose – well worth watching.



Thanks @anon41602260 I’ll check them out.