Obsidian vs Roam Graphs and other issues

If I could simulate Obsidian’s graph views in Drafts I’d stick with that. Maybe I should suggest that to Greg Pierce. I think he’d like the challenge. :slight_smile:


Indexing Obsidian folders (just plain text .md documents) in DEVONthink is fine – I do the same – but I only do it to take advantage of the See All & Classify AI features of DEVONthink.

To take advantage of Obsidians link syntax you need to activate this setting in DEVONthink preferences:

Screenshot of DEVONthink 3 (8-31-20, 4-56-48 AM)

DEVONthink does not of course have Obsidian’s feature set – do not expect to use DEVONthink as an Obsidian replacement. Use it as an auxiliary capture and edit tool. This is for DEVONthink desktop only – I find working with indexed Obsidian vault folders in DEVONthink to Go is frustrating and lacking.

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Yup, that’s the primary reason I chose to index my Vault in DT too. I store many books, papers, web articles etc. in DT and find it fascinating to observe the contents of my Obsidian notes through DT’s lens.

Agreed, not just frustrated with indexed Vaults but the lack of feature parity between DT and DTTG in general. Although I find myself spending much less time on mobile devices than before due to the pandemic, so I’m willing to wait patiently for DTTG’s long due overhaul.

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As mentioned in other threads here, 1Writer (and for some, iA Writer) are two of many good options for working with Obsidian folders on iOS/iPadOS.

That is exactly what I needed, thanks!

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DTTG is pretty awful. I’m keeping all of my notes as plain or MD text and add to them using iA Writer for now. I need to use 1Writer if I want to use use the [[]] for connections in Obsidian using mobile. It is not great but it works for now. Not only am I looking forward to a good DTTG app, but Obsidian is also developing a mobile app.

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My primary use case for DTTG is reading and annotating the PDFs in my databases with the Apple Pencil, so I’ve never had any strong personal distaste towards it. But I totally get the hate from the folks who needs it to be more of a full-blown DT client for the iOS platform rather than a lightweight companion.

I’m eagerly waiting for those two as well, although I’m deliberately keeping my expectations low for Obsidian’s mobile apps. I’m happy enough with a mobile client that’s “lightweight, mostly for viewing and capturing” as planned on the roadmap and anything more than that would a pleasant surprise to me.

So true. DTTG supposed to come out with an update for months.

Need to explore indexing Obsidian to DEVONthink. Obsidian is a really amazing app but struggling a bit to implement into my workflow. Though a lot of my notes are on Agenda and prefer it that way. Haven’t gotten the time to explore Hook as well, which is limited to Mac only.

If it is helpful for you to know, I’m not trying to incorporate it into my workflow per se. I have one use case only. I use it as I read, synthesize and write synopses of my research for a book project(s). I’m new using it but so far it is amazing.

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DEVONthink to go has been getting increased updates pretty rapidly on their beta program.

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That is encouraging!

Good to hear. Can’t wait for a new update. Current version is quite bad

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When you are starting off with Obsidian/Roam/or similar, do you need to go in and “index” all of your existing files/documents? Or is there a way to import things that does some bit of indexing/referencing for you?

You can start using Obsidian without indexing anything but I like the combined power of Obsidian and DT. I have stored the research documents in a root research folder subdivided by topics. My Obsidian files are in a separate file under that root folder. The root folder is then indexed in DT. That way I can access the files within DT or access them through another app. For connecting concepts in Obsidian I work directly within the application as I add synopsis to my notes and manually make the connections for the knowledge graph. I also run DT to see if it dredges up connections that I had not yet recognized.


This is my setup too.
I have a database that indexes the folder where Bookends stores my 2100+ PDFs, and it also indexes a folder created with The Archive (to be migrated), and now my Obsidian folder.

This is something that is missed when using Roam, unless you export to markdown frequently.

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Obsidian indexes PDFs? How about epubs?

Obsidian doesn’t “index” anything – in the sense of scanning content and providing in-app search. A PDF or ePUB dragged into a folder that is part of an Obsidian “vault” can be viewed in Obsidian because Obsidian on macOS supports QuickLook. That doesn’t make the document searchable. Just viewable as if it was an image.

No, DEVONthink does all the indexing.

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From @Kourosh’s newsletter today.


Thanks for discovering & posting that link. Have a lot of respect for him after reading his DEVONthink book :+1: