Odd Mouse Slowness Problem

On my Catalina iMac. It seems that periodically the mouse gets really jerky and slow. I’m so used to the fastness and speed that when it happens I get all messed up. I’ve run Activity monitor when it happens and cannot see anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes I can pick it up and juggle it and then it will reset. Sometimes I can turn the mouse on and off and it will reset and sometimes neither things works.

My next step to try is to swap mice with my laptop and see if it’s the mouse itself or i I can replicate the bug on the laptop Catalina system.

Any other things to check out?

I really hate trying to go buy another mouse. It’s always hard to find one that fits my hands and is comfortable to use.

Have the same problem sometimes after waking with my Magic Mouse 2. The only way to fix it I found is switching the mouse off and on. Never found out what the cause is (the problem is with me since Yosemite).

This happened to me quite some time ago. As I recall, it was a bluetooth problem. Another bluetooth device was nearby and was trying to connect to my Mac. I think it was another mouse that had previously been connected. When I turned it off, things went back to normal.

What mouse brand?

I use Logitech mice on different machines – they all hold charges for a very long time and so I forget to charge them. When the batteries are running out they start gltiching – tracking slow, sticky cursor, etc.

As mentioned above, another issue with mice is Bluetooth. Sometimes it’s worth the effort to forget the device in Bluetooth settings and set it up again.

I believe I read somewhere that the drivers used by Logitech mice are old and causing this issue. Is yours a Logitech?

I also have this problem and it is fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse to bluetooth. The same also happens for my keyboard occasionally - key presses start delaying and resetting the device solves it.

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