Odd, *Nice* touches to each iOS update

This may be a dumb question; but when did iOS move to “generic notifications” on the lock screen? … Or did I accidentally enable it?

It’s great!

In the past, no matter the notification, it showed up on my lock screen… Trying to think of a generic, fictional example that isn’t too gross or ban-worthy. … Oh: “Buy ‘Bean-O’ anti-gas pills!” (I’ve never tried them, but it seems like something I would not like on my lock-screen for anyone to see!).

It’s much better now; for instance, I may have a reminder alarm saying something specific like, “Get haircut, idiot!” … If my screen is locked, all one sees is, “Reminders” “New Reminder” in the notification spot, “News” “New Reminder,” etc.

Really happy with this!

When I unlock the phone, it then says, “Get haircut, idiot!” … I, of course tried to Google when this change happened and got a million results about problems with reminders. … I’m not trying to complain and don’t have a problem (Google: “I do not understand, ‘happy with feature search,’ please try again. – I have 5,000 complaint entries to show you!”).

Is this a feature of a recent update or has this this been around for a long time and I accidentally turned on this feature?



P.S. … After digging into the list of updates pending with the next (Mojave) macOS update, I am much more thrilled with some of the barely mentioned possible features than the new dark themes – I don’t understand why all the major media outlets are leading with that when so much more is happening (and MANY more cool/useful things are happening that I would rank above that). I don’t want to be a curmudgeon; but theme updates (to me) are akin to Apple programmers having some strange jealousy re: WinAmp skins from the “days of old” and finally getting to code for that (yay! …???). There are many (much cooler) things I’d rank above that… Why are they being ignored? – Perhaps a topic for a different post, on it tomorrow or soon, this post is mostly about the iOS question. But, it all seems to me to be a question about focus. … Why ignore the really useful stuff?

This is new in iOS 11. I’m not sure if it was in 11.0 or a later release but I noticed it when I was setting up my iPhone X on release day.

Settings -> Notifications -> Show Previews -> When Unlocked


To many uses, myself included, dark mode is about more than a changed theme, as it is also an improvement in usability. I find dark mode much easier on my eyes, reducing eye strain.
The press might not be so interested in the ergonomics of this change, but more that it is the most visible change.

This has been a feature for a few iOS iterations, BUT it has not been set as default before the iPhone X came out.

And yes - I love it too! :smiley:

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