Odd things happening when using Text to Speech

I am experiencing a bizarre phenomenon when using text to speech that I’ve ignored several times but now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

Occasionally when using text to speech (having hit the microphone button on the iPhone to activate it)… Partway through the recording of my voice, I notice the waveform stops moving. Then eventually the recording stops, but here’s the weird bit. It consistently replaces the last two words of the text to speech with “SECURITY COMPANY”.

If it said anything consistently I’d be asking this question with equal concern, but SECURITY COMPANY… really? What’s that about?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you maybe have a Text Replacement defined that might have been invoked?

I’ll check, but surely that shouldn’t apply itself just randomly - should it?

Cheers for letting me know your thoughts. I appreciate it.

Just suggesting a process of elimination.

When you say the same thing through siri, does it happen? I’m not sure if text transcription and siri use the same engine.

Yes! It doesn’t seen to matter. Happens occasionally either way.

Any chance you’ve backed into a car with a MI-5 parking sticker lately?:flushed:

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Just happened again… Accept this time it was on my iPad. I’ve checked text replacement in the settings and it’s not there, so no.

This is starting to get to me now.