OF3 Quick Action to Add a Task with a attached File

Hi Gang,

I would like to add a Quick Action to my Finder. It should do the following:

  • Ask for a Tasktitle
  • Add a Task to my Inbox in OmniFocus 3
  • Attache the File I performed the QuickAction on to that Task
  • Deletes this File if the action was successful

Problem: I do not know how go an after starting Automator. Can someone help? I think I have to work with Applescript or JavaScript …

Why not use OmniFocus’ clipping shortcut when the file is selected in Finder? That ticks the box on items 1,2,3 in your list. Then press ⌘⌫ to send the file to the Trash?

I think Alfred can do something like this.


Select a few files and then tell Alfred to run an AppleScript on it.

Or use Hazel to act on a folder and run the AppleScript.