Office update with new WFH situation

My wife has a new job working from home three days a week and has been taking over my office to do so. I spend my time in a couple of gyms and physio clinics so my office is just a base, I can work around her schedule. Anyway, I’ve bought a new desk and tidied up a bit to accommodate the new situation.

16" MackBook pro
24" Dell monitor
Yamaha AG03 mixer connected to M-Audio speakers on the desk and AKG headphones hanging underneath (there’s an AKG mic tucked away in a draw as well).
Samsung DVD drive (patients bring CTs and MRIs on CDs).
There’s a Samsung SSD under the desk.
All of the above are connected together with a 12 South Dock and Hotoo Hub.

Desk is an Ikea sit/stand, currently in standing mode.

When my wife is there she plugs her work laptop into the monitor and despite having loads of meetings totally ignores my AV set-up. Whats funny is that I’m the nerd but mess around in gyms all day, she couldn’t care less but she works in the aerospace industry.


Very nice setup. I’m curious about your AV setup. Do you use it for meetings or just for listening to music or watching movies, etc…

There’s definitely a lot of music listening and some meetings/teaching online, but I have also had to do a couple of voiceovers on some videos whilst doing a university course.