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Hi everyone,
I would like to create a form for members of my line of work (medical). It’s a report sheet we fill (when we see a colleague’s patient) to send him/her so they know what treatment was done. Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the information I cannot use an online tool like Google forms. I was thinking of using Adobe acrobat to create a fillable pdf form and make it available to print or send via email. Is there another app or service which would suit this use case?
Thank you

You might consider Tap Forms


If your only interest is to create form that folks can fill on a computer device, Acrobat Pro may be over-kill in cost. Search for on-line resources and/or other apps to convert hard-copy (PDF) documents so that they can include form-fields.

If you happen to know LaTeX, you can generate the form yourself (for free) using the hyperref package.

If you are interested in creating a document that can be submitted back electronically (not printed) in order to capture the input information automatically to a database, Tap Forms (as recommended by @anon41602260 ) is a good starting point.

Otherwise, to counter your concerns, you might be interested in this report.



Hi Nicholas, depending what country you’re in. you may need to use systems which meet legal or regulatory requirements, e.g. GDPR in the UK and Europe or HIPAA in the USA.

I’d check this out before chosing anything.


You’re not using some form of electronic patient record? Email that you saw their patient and have them look it up. Even if you’re still using paper charts, your office must have a way to forward medical records. You won’t satisfy privacy considerations, which may be a matter of law, searching for an ad hoc communication method.


In Switzerland the electronic patient file is not available yet. But this is a good idea for later, the file would already be accessible on it without any need to go through a form.

Honestly, as read this, I thought to myself: Keyboard Maestro.

Now, to be fair, I think that about almost everything.

However. would this work?

  1. Keyboard Maestro presents you with several prompts (or one prompt with many fields

  2. Responses are collated into a document in some sort of reasonably consistent format.

  3. Output is saved as a Markdown file

  4. Markdown file is converted to Word

  5. Open Word file, make any changes that are needed

  6. Print.

That’s how I’d probably do it, at least.


I think that would be the challenging part - but, with PanDoc it would be doable.

Probably a too finicky though. I’d personally prefer to host some kind of survey service on my local machine and get the data out of the DB later if I were looking to roll my own solution.

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Yes, considering my colleagues will use this it should be as easy as possible since most of them are not very geeky :joy:
The first thing I tried was convert the original word document we used to print out to pdf and add fields using Adobe Acrobat. But depending of the app used to open the pdf (Acrobat reader, Preview, PDF Expert, PDF Viewer) the form becomes unusable, the fields are misaligned or don’t expand when you add a lot of text.
That is why I thought of using an online tool as the experience is consistent for everyone. I might look into jotform and Google forms again since they ate HIPAA compliant but it’s still an issue to collect patient data and store it on their servers (need to add this info in the form patients sign so they give their agreement.)
Thank you all for your help