Ok, decision time: apple watch 3 or 5?

My daughter is having difficulty deciding:

should she accept our Christmas gift of an Apple Watch 3?


Should she pay us the difference to get an upgrade to the Apple Watch 5

(by the way: we gave her an upgrade option)

What do you think

Is it worth the € 229,- extra (= 250+ dollars…) to get the 5?

Depends. Is she your favourite daughter? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter, she has to pay the difference herself :slight_smile:

Secret Santa so wife would not know about it :wink:

I have AW 3 and I do not feel the need to upgrade. I have all the functionality of new OS. The always-on display is nice, but not enough to buy a new model which will be probably quickly replaced by a completely new generation.

I think she’s worried that the upgrade cycle of watch OS is going to catch her up too soon. And as she works hard for her money she’s trying to decide.
Told her I’d ask the experts :slight_smile:

I have a 3 myself and did not see the need to upgrade, but I can imagine the 5 is nice if it’s your first.

and of course: from her perspective she’s only paying for a 3, I’m paying the difference…

I know that feeling well :slight_smile:

If she takes good care of the new AW 3, she can still sell it for good money next year and given the money saved, she could afford the new model 6.

I wouldn’t bet on that. The 3 might not be supported by the next version of watchOS, at which point it’s resale value approaches zero.

Given the battery issues many people have had with the 5, I’d say go with the 4, which you can find good deals on.

That’s what we got my son when the 5 came out, and he’s been very happy with it.

I realize this may not be considered helpful advice :wink:

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WatchOS 6 works on AW 1 so I don’t think they will drop AW 3 that quickly.

Oh I keep forgetting there was a series “zero” :roll_eyes:

Yeah I was thinking they had dropped support for “Series 1” … so forget Series 3 is probably safe for awhile, especially since Apple is still selling it.

Sorry, I blame that weird chemical in turkey that I’ll eat in 2 days.


Or wait for 6 and pray they get battery consumption with always-on under control :blush:

The main differences between 3 and 5 are:

  • Slightly larger display (38/42mm vs 40/44mm). In practice, the difference is minimal
  • Always on display - never been an issue for me, and I’ve had the 0,1,2,3 and 4 (haven’t gone tp the 5)
  • ECG
  • Improved water resistance

If any or many of those are important the 5 is worth the extra. If not, it isn’t

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Currently a second hand non Cellular Apple Watch is worth about £60 in the UK, versus £199 for a new one. In a year it’ll be worth buttons.

Depends on where you are. I just checked a large local eshop and used AW 3 (non cellular) is sold for over $200.

I d go for the series 5. Always-on display is a killer feature (who would say that having a watch face that you can see all the time is a killer feature? :slight_smile:).

I had the same dilemma in deciding on a gift for my secretary. I think I’ll get her the 5 since there are some deals going on, and it has the latest and greatest feature set.

Get her the 3 and use it until the Xmas return date. She can decide then if she wants the 5 and swap it. If she sticks with the 3 she will have the cash to buy additional bands. My wife loves to swap her bands to match what she is wearing or her mood

Once other consideration for her is to upgrade to the stainless steel version witch has the scratch resistant glass. But that might be more a consideration for (town) boys :wink:

I vote for Series 5. I used to have series 2 and before upgrading I thought this was going to be my last Apple Watch. With Series 5 and considering the bigger display, always-on, and cellular; I truly started to love Apple Watch again.

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I agree. I feel like the 4 is the best of both worlds: new enough, but very solid in terms of battery life. I am happy to be staying with the 4 this year as it feels like a better option in terms of where the AO display is right now.
(Side note: I just recently spent 8 hrs 40 minutes hike/running with the series 4, and it ended the day with around 50%! Thats very good.)


The ladies decided:

It’s going to be the apple watch 3

Reasoning being:

  • they don’t want to pay extra
  • it’s got all they need
  • they don’t want to pay extra
  • it’s waterproof
  • they don’t want to pay extra
  • it’s got gps
  • they don’t want to pay extra
  • Santa gave it to them
  • they don’t want to pay extra

So… a 3 it is

Somehow: a wise choice

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