Old CD Software Wallet

Hey everyone,

Doing some house cleaning and came across my CD wallet which has served as a great place to hold software CDs in one place over the years. Is there any reason anyone can think of that I don’t throw the following away? It seems logical but I’m hesitating for some reason:

Mac OSX Snow Leopard DVD
Powerbook G4 Mac OSX Install Disc 1 (machine long gone)
Logic Express 7 Academic (now have X) Install + Content
iWork 08
iWork 06
iLife 05
Logitech Harmony Remote 4.0
iMac G5 Install Disc
Sibelius 3,4, & 5 Music Notation (now have 7)
iPod 2003 Disc
Drivers for various devices from this era

It’s a CD wallet worth of stuff and wondered if 1) there’s any reason to keep or 2) something I should consider doing with them besides throwing in trash.


You can dispose of them, only good use for optical media is to scare birds away from crops.


Not so fast: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/24-wonderful-diy-ideas-with-old-cds.html

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In addition to being decent bird scarer for your garden, do make a quick check at the various computer museum places. Sometimes specific install disks are on their want list to get old hardware running.

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