Older iPad Pro and external Portable Screen

I want to use my iPad Pro (2017, 10’’) to read sheet music, sadly my eyes are not what they never used to be and to read comfortably a full page of notation I need something bigger.

I have considered getting a newer 13’’ iPadPro (obvious!) but it’s somewhat difficult to justify given that my current existing iPad Pro basically works great for everything else. Also considered getting an external e-ink tablet (Boox Max Lumi) but they are terribly expensive and of course they don’t run iPadOS.

So I am now considering using a portable external monitor connected via Lightning->HDMI adapter (something like the Espresso Display or Viewsonic VG1655 and put it on a music stand on top of the keyboard instrument. I don’t think I need a touch capable display as the iPad pencil would be enough to annotate the sheet music, and also I can turn pages in ForScore using my MIDI controller.

Has anyone had success (or failure) with these type of setup?

I don’t use it for music, but I have an iPadMini, connected on that way to a monitor, together with an external keyboard it makes a nice little “computer”, you can really work with.

I use one of these.

I use the same adapter, and it has been working flawlessly for me. Also good that it has that extra Lightning connector for powering older devices that might have somewhat degraded battery performance.

Does it work in portrait mode? As if rotating the display vertically would the iPad also rotate the image?