Older iPad replacement...any recommendations? (pretty please)

So…my 2015 iPad Pro is finally on it’s last battery legs…and I’m looking to replace it.

I use it mostly when I travel, as my Apple machine on the road, and for light work…

  • writing
  • reading
  • content creation (drawing)

I do my heavy work on my MacMini at home.

I have not been keeping up with the iPad work much.

What would you recommend for a replacement iPad?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!

I replaced mine with a macbook pro. Best move I made.

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If you use it mainly on travel, I would take the 11’’ iPadPro, with the Keyboard.
It could do what you want to, and is as powerful as an MBP, but could do a lot of things, a MBP could not do…

If you want to use it also at home, I would tend to the 12,9’’ which I have and use every day…

I have the 11 Pro, but I’m not sure what I couldn’t do on an iPad Air. Plus it comes in different colors.

That said, I’ve been moving more and more to my M1 MacBook Pro 13"

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I use my iPad Pro 12.9 extensively for reading and writing. Based on your post, I think the main thing you need to consider is screen size. If you use Split View frequently and/or you need larger text or just more screen real estate for writing, I’d recommend the 12.9 iPad. If screen size is not a major issue, I’d go with the 11” for portability.


I just purchased the 5th Gen M1 iPad Air for my Father’s Birthday and was quite surprised by its performance. My 2018 11" iPad Pro is more than adequate for my needs. If I were to replace it, I would seriously consider the iPad Air.

Based on what your needs seem to be, I think you would be very happy upgrading to the iPad Air.

I bought a MacBook Air M2 recently and can see no reason to replace my IPad 12.9 when it finally gives up. The air is docked to an external monitor when at home and is more than powerful enough for most scenarios

Yes, but the OP wants to draw on the device, and this is not (conveniently) possible on a MB, like on a iPad with Support for the Pencil.

Well thank you for the correction

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I love my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. It is heavier than the 11 inch, but worth it in my opinion. I can comfortably read PDFs and other documents, using the Apple Pencil to highlight and mark up the documents.

It is also my portable TV.


Ah…great suggestions, appreciate it greatly!

A standard iPad can do just about anything an iPad Pro can do due to the limitations in iPadOS, so you have choice options there.

But if you’re not looking for a tablet, but a machine with great battery life then I’d suggest looking at the current Macbook options? (M-series Air?)

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