OMG it freaking works!

After trying / failing / cursing the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener I gave up. Then I see this Insignia opener that runs HomeKit pop up at BestBuy AND they are running a sale for $44.99.

I figured what the hell and bought it. Install was painless and couldn’t be more straightforward @ 15 minutes. To my amazement it freaking WORKS!!!

Now I am probably going to break the garage door mechanism from telling Siri to open and close it so much. This makes me so happy I could cry!!!

@MacSparky you now have no excuse to jump on the band wagon :smiley:

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I assume you meant “cursing” not “curing”… unless it was demon possessed ;-?

In any case, I just bought 2 of these (we have side-by-side garage doors).

My first HomeKit devices! Now I just have to figure out how to install them.

(I still have a MyChamberlain in a box… I should probably sell it… but I probably won’t.)

Yeah, so I have edited that spelling mishap three times following the post and will not update.

Install should go smooth…good luck!

No now are you “curing” the Discourse forum software?

haha … on my list.