OmniFocus 3.0 for Mac Now Available!

Just noticed that the Mac version of OmniFocus 3.0 is available from the App Store and the OmniFocus website for anyone like me who wasn’t using the beta version


Quick reminder to everyone - they have discounts! Between my education discount and upgrade from OF 2 I get the pro version for $25.

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Yep. Got it. And after 3.5 months of running OF practically exclusively on iOS, I think I may continue to do so, b/c it’s still pretty ugly to look at.

I actually love how compact I’m able to make it. Not as overwhelming and gigantic as OmniFocus 2. Nice and clean for sure and love the UI of it so far. Didn’t realize how in need of an update it needed.

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As somebody who has switched to Things, this review of a certain person who might be known here tempts me to retry OmniFocus.

I have been somewhat disappointed with OmniFocus 3 for iOS, but the Mac version sure does look promising. And it is very interesting to see how @RosemaryOrchard has set it up. Who am I kidding? Maybe, it is Rose’s way of showing how OmniFocus can work that makes it so interesting to me again.

Actually, this was one of the reasons why I switched to Things. The Mac version shows really nice improvements. Hopefully, they will be able to bring some of the cleanness to the iOS version as well.

How funny, I’d see the current iOS version as a model for the Mac, not the other way around.

Have to admit I spoke too soon (that’s what happens when you are demoing software at 12:30 AM after an 11 hour international flight…) – the light mode looks great, especially the contrasting sidebar…but dark mode seems cluttered and busy with some odd font choices (e.g. dark grey on black for notes).

My first impressions are that it is a huge improvement over 2. The forecast view looks awesome and is miles ahead of the old version.

I love the new styling of the interface and have been able to dig right in and get to work without a hitch.

Well done to a great development team!

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Still playing around with tags, but the new perspective rules are hot :fire:. Created a “Today” Perspective based on 3 Tags which made flagging obsolete. Still the most flexible GTD App out there.