Omnifocus 4 - Shortcut for Mac - Task Complete?

hey MPU,

Does anyone know the keyboard shortcut for ‘marking a task complete’ in Omnifocus?
Trying to find it or if there’s a faster suggested way of doing this.

I have a Morning Daily Review and an Evening Daily Review that contain the same 4 tasks.
Process Inbox Email
Process Inbox Omnifocus
Review Forecast
Review Calendar

There are days where I run on automatic mode and forget to ‘mark them complete’ - the tasks get done, but those specifically I forget to mark complete. I can make the argument of let’s just remove the project then, but it also helps that when I review my forecast/calendar - I can see those items still. Make sense?

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It’s spacebar, so cmd+a and spacebar would work from that Forecast view to check off everything left.