Omnifocus and Shared Tasks

I have been using RememberTheMilk for task management for years and have been very happy. I use it mostly for personal productivity however I do share my tasks lists with my administrative assistant so she can look over my shoulder so to speak and find ways to lighten the load. I am adding a new executive assistant and would like do some light colaboration on projects with him in addition to the admin. I don’t think I need anything as complex as Asana, but I want shared tasks and projects.

RememberTheMilk does the sharing but without all the features I would like.

So, finally the question…

Can Omnifocus handle shared lists and projects? Or is it strictly a one-person productivity tool?

If Omnifocus can’t help me, does anyone have a recommendation? Should I stay with RTM or would Things or another product help me?

Thanks for any advice!


OmniFocus is strictly single user.

If the person your sharing with is in the Apple ecosystem and your needs are limited, you can use a shared task list in Reminders. Beyond that, the task management app that seems to come up the most when it comes to shared tasks is probably todoist, but I don’t have any experience with it.

There are also a lot of apps/services suitable for managing shared tasks that are more in the vein of project management tools than task managers, like Trello or Basecamp.

OmniGroup are planning to add shared tasks to OmniFocus - it was in their roadmap for last year but had to be rolled over to this year. I’m looking forward to using this to occasionally drop “Watch Star Wars” into @MacSparky’s list :angel:


I recommend checking out Asana. While it can be used to manage complex projects, it can also be used in a very simple/basic way. They have an excellent help system that includes videos to help you get up and running.

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If you want shared lists etc I would also recommend Asana. (like @timstringer said, very good help system)


It seems to me that Omnifocus is a BIG jump for coming from RTM. I was looking at it but I can’t afford the price for the first-level paid version. It would have set me back $49.99 for iOS (which I would need) and $24.99 to upgrade my OF 2 ($49.99 for a new user). I couldn’t justify that (not to mention it’s probably overkill) for a personal user who uses it for my own use at my work.

I have used Anylist for a very long time and have been quite happy with its design, flexibility (I use it for many types of lists) and cross-platform abilities. I’ve tried many other list apps, but never found the flexibility of Anylist. I don’t need sharing, but it seems to have it according to a support article.

That said, OF does have a 14-day trial, so you can test drive it to see if it’s worth it for you. Also, give Anylist a try.


Perhaps you could use the OmniFocus apps while assistants use OmniFocus Web.

What functionality are you particularly missing from Remember the Milk? I would try to make it work with the new employee first.

I loved rmilk. I switched to OF because I love deep outlines of tasks and project-based organization and didn’t need to share lists. But both are so good at surfacing the right thing to do now and rmilk is much less of a meditation on your life trajectory to get going in.