OmniFocus for the Web beta sign up

OmniGroup just announced the beta signup for the web version of OmniFocus. I know several people here have wanted this for a while!

There are a few things (as detailed in the blog post) that it’s important to keep in mind:

  • It’s a web app that runs in your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) — it’s not an app that you download
  • It’s a companion to OmniFocus 3 for iOS or Mac — it’s not a standalone app
  • This early version requires that you have OmniFocus 3 for iOS
  • It’s designed for people who need OmniFocus access while on a Windows or Linux computer (at work, for instance)
  • It’s not currently designed for Android or any other devices with a touch interface

I’m looking forward to giving it a try on my virtual Windows machine that I use a lot for work!


It’s also an option for users who have a Mac that can’t be upgraded to High Sierra.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac currently requires High Sierra and later.


Interesting times!
Signed up this morning and looking forward to what’s ahead.

It sure is exciting. Remember, this is a version 1 setup. It will look more like the standard version of OmniFocus. Pro features such as custom perspectives will not be included in this. But at least you’ll be able to add, edit, and complete tasks and projects. Those are the core features of OmniFocus.

I am guessing that Omni will see what the demand is for a web app and then possibly improve on it. Omni didn’t mention much more than a basic version for now.

I actually think that without OF 3 for mac this might stop working after the beta… the beta page specifically says it works with the ios app for now, but that the web interface is meant as a companion to OF for mac…

You just need OF3 for iOS or OF3 for Mac to create an account on the Omni Sync Sever. Once you create your account with your database synced to the Omni Sync Server, you can test out OmniFocus 3 for the web.

When OF3 for the web trial is over, you will need to pay a small monthly and/or annual fee to continue using OF3 for the web.

You’ll be able to do basic activities in OF3 for the web. For more advanced features, you’ll need to use OF3 for iOS and/or OF3 for Mac.

It works with OF3 for iOS right now because OF3 for Mac isn’t out yet.



:crystal_ball: In related news, please visit the OmniFocus for 3 Mac TestFlight page to sign up for a beta of OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

It’s August and OF3 for Mac is scheduled for September…

It would make sense for all the iOS/Windows combo people. A large market to be sure, whether they’re current OF users or not.

Ken has said the test will be in August, though that was bigger news when he said it because it meant it wouldn’t be in July.

As someone who uses a PC at work (and in the evening and travel as work requires), this would be great. But i have a feeling that it won’t move many users unless there are advanced features like custom perspectives. Sort of a chicken and egg thing. I would imagine that a large portion of users that really want OF on the web for use on a PC, also are users of the advanced features. If those aren’t there they’ll use another tool that provides them which may not translate into demand for OF.

Long way of saying, i hope OF takes a “if we build it they will come approach” and add the more advanced features as the product develops rather than as a response to usage.