OmniFocus iOS 3.4 editable completion dates

I am ridiculously happy that with 3.4 I can now edit completion dates in iOS. I use my Completed perspective as a work record, so my weekly review has always been on my iMac so that missed completions were correctly dated. I’ve been requesting this since OF2, and now I can use my iPad and process my review on the sofa.

Does this level of joy mean I’m now officially a geek?



Sure, you’re only just now a geek.

Welcome! You’ll get the membership pin in the mail.

In all seriousness, is 3.4 finally out of beta? Edit: oh hey, it is.


Does this level of joy mean I’m now officially a geek?

Welcome to the club. :wink:

p.s. I posted a free video showcasing this and other features that were introduced in OmniFocus 3.4 for iOS/iPad, including system Dark Mode, Context Menus, more Shortcuts Actions, and multi-window support.


Great video! Thanks for sharing it. I had started to switch to Things from OmniFocus, largely because of Things’ support for the iPad and Shortcuts. I ended up deciding to use Things for personal and OmniFocus for work, and I’m glad to see the huge strides they’ve made. Strange that it’s just called “3.4” when lots of other folks would probably call this version 4.0 with all the new features.

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You’re very welcome, TJ!

OmniFocus 3.4 is a major upgrade in many ways. I particularly appreciate the additional Shortcuts actions and the multi-window support on the iPad. The Context Menus are a nice touch as well.

Interesting that you’re using Things for personal and OmniFocus for work.

Excellent video, thanks! I learnt a couple of new tricks for sure.

When using an app for this long, it’s easy to get stuck in doing things the old way (which used to be the only way).

Shout out to YOU Tim! Thanks for highlighting the improvements in an easily digestible way, Omni’s bullet-point notes were a bit confusing without examples.

You’re very welcome, Tormod. Great to hear you learned a couple of new tricks!

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You’re very welcome, Aaron. Great to hear this was helpful!

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@SteveinLeicesterUK - I feel the same way! I do the same thing as you, so this has been on my wishlist for a very long time. To be quite plain, multiwindowing and editable completion-dates are the only features that have required me to do any work in OmniFocus on Mac. Now I can do everything I need to do on OmniFocus on either my Mac or iPad. (I used to purposefully not check-off items that I might have completed a previous day until I got to my Mac, just so I could make sure I had the correct date.) No joke, there is no other feature that I currently “wish” OmniFocus had.

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Awesome! I missed this when reading the update notes!