OmniFocus iPadOS Copy as Link?

I’ve searched the forum but I’m not finding what I’m looking for; if I missed it I apologize the for this post. On my MBP is is easy to “copy as link” from a project or an action/tasks. However, I cannot find the same function in OF on the iPad or iPhone. Is it there am I missing it? I want to copy the action/task link from OF into Apple Notes or Agenda for quick reference within my notes.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding, but when I long press on a task, I get the option to Copy. I can do that and then paste it into a notes doc or drafts, etc… It pastes the Link. Is a that what you are looking for?

That is exactly right. It works fine as long as there are no notes in the task. However, if there are notes then the same command copies and pastes the URL AND the contents of the task note–just the back link URL. This only happens on iOS and iPadOS, not on my MBP because on the MBP there is a separate “copy as link” command.

From iPad with NO notes:

From iPad WITH notes:

From MBP WITH notes

I know it’s not “native” and might not be what you want, but here’s a shortcut that strips out everything but the URL, and copies that to the clipboard

It’s a sharesheet option, so share the task to the shortcut and it should take it from there

That looks promising. I installed it in shortcuts on my iPad then ran it on an OF task with a note. It created a link but when I click on the link it goes to a webpage with an error.

did you get the “open page with omnifocus” popup?

I’ll work on the shortcut a bit today, was a quick mockup, and see it does not quite strip out the components that are not needed.

@Bmosbacker can you try this one?

This should strip out everything but the OF task URL

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No, my screen flashed and that was it.

Wow, that works perfectly! Thanks a million! I finally found a use for shortcuts. :slight_smile: I wish I understood better how to create them. Thanks again, you just solved a pain point for me, much appreciated!

glad to have helped, just forgot to mention it puts the link in your clipboard I guess :slight_smile:

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It does, perfectly. Thanks again!

let me know if you experience any issues, I’ll try to fix them

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That is kind of you, I’ll keep you posted. I suspect that this shortcut would be helpful to many. You may want to post it as a separate thread so it gets more attention. Thanks again!