OmniFocus: is it possible to archive everything?

I haven’t used OmniFocus in some time as I jumped around between a variety of task apps before I switched to Notion consistently almost a year ago.

I opened up OmniFocus today because I wanted to test a few things with my workflow, and am curious, is it possible to archive everything at once? I’ve done some searching but haven’t turned up anything clear.

Thank you!

I think the best you can do is a two-step (pulling this from memory):

  1. Go to the inbox. Select everything. Archive.

  2. Go to Projects view. Select all projects. Archive everything.

IIRC you have to put something into a project to get it out of the Inbox, but I admit that I’m pretty adamant about putting everything into projects, so maybe I’m wrong about that.

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You can actually customize the criteria to get something out of the inbox. Personally, I have it set to require either a tag or a project because I can’t be bothered to put menial stuff like “call the vet tomorrow” into a project. I visualize my life in a more loosey-goosey way.

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I have no trust to the archive options in OmniFocus.

Create a clone copy of your database. Put it in a ZIP archive. That is the best archive.



I actually do have trust, but then I’ve also gone in and verified I can get the info out easily. Just spent he archive file in OF and drag things back and forth.